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Mafia XC: XC1 - Definitive Mafia Edition. Sign-up Thread. Take 2.

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Alright. Let's throw this out here and see if there is still interest after people casually bumping the last thread to see if it was still alive. Although I have now beat XCX which had originally been my goal theme, I'm going to stick with Xenoblade Chronicles 1 here as still the theme for the 90th Mafia game. (If we actually get players for it.)

I'm looking for a 16 player count. If we achieve that then it probably won't go forward but let's not worry about that yet. For now, let's just what the interest is in doing another round.

There is a poll for this because there are two ways I could go with this game. I could do another game like the Metroid, Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin style of lots of different roles and items or I could do a simple mafia game more equivalent to my recent Harvest Moon game or something like Mafia 19 Wild West if you want to look back. Since it has been quite some time since we've played a game, perhaps players would prefer a simpler type of game but I'll leave that choice up to you and the poll.

I should have posted this Monday before the Direct when more users may have been coming to the site. How long to leave the sign-ups open? Well, unless the demand is fast, I'm thinking July 7 or 8 as the start date for the game to give people an opportunity to see this thread is up and get a chance to join in. So, about two and half weeks then. If this time will be difficult for players signing up then post something and perhaps the start date can be adjusted.

With that, the following users have signed up to play:

M.K. Ultra

For a current total of 9 players!



See you all in two years for sign up thread 3


--- Quote from: pokepal148 on June 19, 2024, 07:06:25 PM ---In.

See you all in two years for sign up thread 3

--- End quote ---

Makes sense. Xenoblade Chronicles is a trilogy, after all.

I have another seasonal job offer on the 6th of July in the afternoon with Amazon so it would be during the time we start.  Having said that it is part time so I should be able to contribute some.  It has been some time so I am going to vote for the simplified setup plus with me working again I don't want to go into a super complex game., even though I love those.

I personally find those complex games are more doable when there is a string of games in a row with a set of players playing in games in a row.  Just adds another layer to the expected way folks play.

That said I am in.


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