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4th Annual NWR Four on Four

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Hey there forum denizens! It's April and you know what that means...time to reel in those Playdates, set those Quests to roomscale, attach those 32x's, and unfold those DS's. That's right, it's the fourth month of the year and a very special 4th annual Four on Four community event!

The basic idea is to complete four games from four different systems during the month of April. This will encourage us to play more games and as well as games on different systems. Feel free to modify the rules as you see fit. You could use the system the game was originally released on rather than the system you played it on. Or maybe you just play four games on four different system without beating them. Personally, I am going to pick some games that I have already started and plan to finish in April

Just post the games you are playing and what system you are playing them on and have fun! I also like to report back when I beat or complete a game and have this temporarily take over as the "What is the last game you beat?" topic of the month.

As usual I am coming into April with quite a few games already started so finishing four should be quite reasonable, though which four is not clear at the moment. I will throw out the likely candidates:

* Wii Sports Club - I am playing this on Wii U of course. I have been tackling this one sport at a time and treating it like a compilation. I have previously completed Tennis and am now working on Baseball. "Beating" these games is a bit nebulous, but "completing" them is easily identified by getting all ten of the in-game stamps. I currently have 9/10 stamps and just need the last.
* Fire Emblem Engage - I am playing this on, you guessed it, Nintendo Switch. I am just going for all the main chapters and prologues and I am currently on Chapter 23 out of 26.
* Cult of the Lamb - While this is available on Switch, the NWR review mentioned significant performance issues so I picked this up for Playstation 5. I am eventually going for completion but this month just aiming for beating the main campaign, which is about 75% done.
* Cyberpunk 2077 - I was given the Xbox One discs for this and held out until I had a Series X to play the better version on. The game is really long as you might expect and 60 hours in I am only about halfway done. I might try to put some serious hours into the main campaign and beat this to get a fourth game on a fourth console but there are some others that might take this spot.I will try and report back as I beat/complete games but you can always see what I am doing on Backloggery (link in the signature). Feel free to share your plans for the month or just post as you play.

I completed the Baseball game within Wii Sports Club a few days ago by collecting the last of the ten stamps. This game is a Wii U exclusive and you might be wondering why it wasn't called "Wii U Sports". My memory is a little unclear but I seem to recall that in addition to buying this game as a whole package for the standard price, you could buy individual sports for a cheaper price and you could buy club passes, which allowed you to essentially rent the game, playing for 48 hours (or something like that). I think that approach to buying the game led to the "Club" branding in the name. I remember getting a couple free club passes and maybe using one of them. I was watching the game for a discount and don't remember it ever getting one. I eventually paid full price for the game many years later when the online community had already dissipated. Still, the retail version now goes for around more than that.
I did not have a Wii at launch and did not play Wii Sports regularly, but with this version really seems to replace the Wii version with HD visuals, Wii motion plus, and use of the Gamepad. The in-game achievement system of stamps is also back from the Wii version and I think this really gives you some nice goals for playing this single player. I plan to get all the stamps, but each sport is a bit of an undertaking so I am doing them one at a time. I got all ten stamps for tennis in February of 2022. That only tool my 11 hours. That game also did not use the Gamepad. This year I have been playing Baseball which took about 17 hours and uses the gamepad for the pitching/fielding half of the sport.
As I mentioned there are ten stamps to get and six of them should just happen from playing: hit a home run, strike-out one batter, catch ten fly balls, make all batters bat in one inning, shut out the other team, and hit a single, double, triple, and home run in one game. There is a leveling system and you start out facing really easy opponents. The trick is to get adept at the game before your opponents get too difficult. There are two other stamps that might be tough to get: retire the other side within three pitches and strike out three batters in a row. Again these are easy with the level 1 team, but when I was facing them I was just learning to play. You could always restart by clearing your save or using another profile but I managed to figure out the pitching just in time to get these two stamps. Then there are the two remaining stamps. One is to beat the baseball champion Enrique. I found this pretty difficult and there is no help online that I could find. If I was going to lose I would restart the game and after about a dozen false starts I managed to figure out how to beat Enrique. It felt really good, just the right level of challenge. Then there is the last stamp, hit 100 home runs (Centurion Hero stamp in the picture below). I thought this would happen on the natch as I collected the others but after beating Enrique I only had about 60 home runs. At my current level I usually just get one or two home runs per game so it was going to take far too long to get the other forty. So I did cheese this last stamp and farmed the remaining home runs in two player games played against myself. There is still some skill involved there to be able to pitch and hit at the same time so I managed to enjoy the metagame in it.
I did not pick up Switch sports because I still have this game to finish but it doesn't look like baseball made the cut with that one. So for folks looking for some motion control baseball I would highly recommend this game.

I'm obviously already chronicling my backlog odyssey in another thread, but my Four on Four for this April is as follows:

Oom on Playdate. After a hearty recommendation on the NWR Discord and picking both it and Mars After Midnight up, I can say that this one grips me far more as a first impression- no hate on MAM, but as a game concept its a bit more laid back and abstract, and I can appreciate that, but it feels like more of a slow burn.

On Switch, I think I'm going to split the difference between Signalis and Frogun, the latter of which I already started and assume won't take me very long. Sginalis is a game I've been itching to play for a while, although the first game complete screen is apparently not the end of the full experience.

On SNES/Analogue, I'm going to set my sights on Dark Half, an obscure JRPG that received a translation patch for those unable to get their hands on its Japan-only release. It's known for having gameplay that covers both sides of a demonic conflict, with the unabashedly evil demon lord comprising half of the playable experience. It's fun consuming souls, trust me.

I'm going to end my selections with the 3DS, namely Bye Bye BoxBoy!. A simple puzzle platformer that can likely be easily completed within the month, and BoxBoy is generally fun, if not a bit one-note. Trying to stay realistic with what I can complete in the span of a month.


--- Quote from: M.K.Ultra on April 02, 2024, 07:08:55 PM ---Hey there forum denizens! It's April and you know what that means...time to reel in those Playdates,...

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--- Quote from: Evan_B on April 08, 2024, 08:01:34 PM ---I'm obviously already chronicling my backlog odyssey in another thread, but my Four on Four for this April is as follows:

Oom on Playdate....

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Please tell me Oom uses the crank so that you are actually "reeling in your Pladate"  :D


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