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Mafia 89: RECVMake Neighbor Day 4

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Results of Day and Night 3

The Perm was voted out and The Perm was the Organization Mafia Goon.

The Organization Mafia targeted Luigi Dude but was protected.

The day period will run for 48 hours or until a majority is reached and is held for at least a hour. The night action period, in which certain roles may submit their night actions will last for 24 hours after the end of day period. After those 24 hours have passed the next day will begin.  I will start the next day earlier if I get every action in and get confirmation that they don't want to change their night actions before the 24 hours are up.

With 8 players alive the majority will be 5 players voting for the same person and that vote staying for one hour.

Tonight is the Ashford Mafia Neighborization or Hit night since it is an even day/night.

Claire Redfield can message me on here or on Discord your investigation or decide to save your investigation to use the following day.  You can save as many investigations as you want and you can use however the amount of those saved investigations you wish. So if you have 3 saved investigations you can use two of them and have left over till the next night where you have 2 for that night.

Steve Burnside can message me any protection orders during the night be it self protection and/or protecting another player.   Steve can self protect and someone else during the same night.

Sadler can role block someone tonight.

Players alive in the game.

Bungle 4
Mop it up
Luigi Dude

The day has started.   

By the way I love the Resident Evil YT community.  A few of my faves are The Sphere Hunter, Residence of Evil, CarcinogenSDA and Avalanche reviews.

I have to adult today so I will be away from my laptop but I will have my phone with me. So if you have a question let me know.  It may not be as quick or extensive as you might need but I will respond when I can. 

Mop it up:
Finally a turnaround!

It strikes me as a little odd that there wasn't some sort of effort to try saving ThePerm. He didn't even cast a vote, himself. It makes me wonder if at least one of his cohorts was involved with voting him out for appearances. Luigi Dude is one of the ones who voted but with this result he's rather unlikely. I think I'll try Vote Bungle4

There is also the other Mafia to be concerned with, especially since they'll be acting again tonight. But I don't really have anything on them and would just be guessing.


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