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Labo Super Scope Kit! I like it!

Not quite. I was thinking about this yesterday when the selections were announced and there are some deep cuts left that could be available if Nintendo felt like some extra effort was justified for them. Super Scope games. Super Scope 6, Battle Clash, Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge, and Yoshi's Safari are available if they can get the joy-con's to function like a light gun. Maybe Tin Star would be available too. However, part of the design around Super Scope games was using the eye-piece to aim so that would be gone. Nintendo did get Duck Hunt to work with the Wiimotes so maybe they same could be done here. They may also generate a bit more buzz or excitement than Jelly Boy.

General Gaming / What Is Your White Whale of Gaming?
« on: July 16, 2021, 12:56:28 PM »
It could be anything from a console that you wanted to own, a game you wanted to play, or an event. Whatever is gaming related that has stuck in your head for years and still haven't done or accomplished or may never be able to achieve.

For myself, I'm going to select The Neverhood.

Link to YouTube for the trailer.

I'd never heard the game until one afternoon when I was at someone's house and they showed it to me on their computer. It looked amazing. What further blew my young mind was that the game was shot using actual claymation so it was all sort of real-life. Everything you saw on the screen existed in the real world at some point. The whole point-and-click adventure type of gameplay was something that was still new to me and I hadn't really experienced before but the idea of solving puzzles to progress like that just gave my brain a further charge of excitement and the question or challenge of whether I could prove to be clever or smart enough to solve it all was something thrilling to ponder on. The person I was with showed me a bit of where he was in the game and what he'd done and was now trying to figure out but one thing that stood out was this section where it was a lot of text over multiple walls. The game had this lore and back story that you could read all about at your leisure and was supposedly quite lengthy. I thought it was pretty impressive that so much thought was put into the game like that and you could just lose yourself in that history. Years later, when playing Metroid Prime and scanning Chozo Lore off walls, I thought back to this game and that wall of lore.

Even though I've always wanted to play this title, it's yet to happen. At the time, our family computer wasn't powerful enough to run it nor did I have the money to buy the game. Heck, I never really saw it for sale at the time. Years later, when I had could meet those requirements, it was no longer available and the only option seemed to be some discs on eBay at around $100 which seemed too much for a game (and I guess I still think is rather high). I also didn't want a disc. I wanted it complete. Then over time, other classic PC games started getting ported to consoles. Monkey Island got some remasters and ports. Grim Fandango was another one. I've always held out hope that The Neverhood may also get ported someday but that seems unlikely. I suppose piracy might be an option but I've never bothered with that scene because I've wanted to avoid stupidly downloading some virus or malware. However, nowadays it is probably a lot easier to find trusted and authenticated sources.

At this point, I also wonder just how well this game may have held up or if it will be a disappointment now. Having finally played Grim Fandango, there was things I liked about it but it was not quite the game I had thought it was from the screenshots and promo art I'd seen over time. There were a few times that I just got blocked in progression. I suppose I should just be more willing to quickly check a guide on things rather than waste time being frustrated and fatigued from circling over everything to try and find the solution.

Still, I hope that someday I'll finally tackle this game and go through it. To finally conquer this long time gaming memory that pops up from time to time in my mind even now. Then I'll have to step back and assess to see what might take its place as my next white whale of gaming.

How about all of you? Any one else have something like this that they ruminate on?

TalkBack / Re: Nintendo Sales Panic: June 2021 US NPD Group Results
« on: July 16, 2021, 10:12:51 AM »
Five more months at the top and it could be three full years of domination!

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / Re: Name That movie 2
« on: July 02, 2021, 10:12:29 AM »
That's a good guess. I don't remember any piano playing though.

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / Re: Name That movie 2
« on: June 30, 2021, 09:26:26 PM »
It stumped me. I was thinking about all manner of possible contract workers or even something off beat like a contract killer possibly flirting with a girl but couldn't think of anything where playing a piano would be of significance.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch Wishlist Game Recommendations
« on: June 30, 2021, 08:39:30 PM »
One I would strike from the list: Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity is just not a very good game. It wears the skin of BOTW, but its story is not at all what the marketing promises, the gameplay gets very dull very quick, and the one interesting idea it introduces (playable Divine Beasts) almost feels like the creators fundamentally misunderstood what they are meant to represent.
I bought this on the back of loving BOTW, and left feeling like I should've just watched all the (admittedly well done) cut-scenes on Youtube. This has no reason to exist besides money,

I know when it came out there was a lot of disappointment that the story ended up being some other time travel hijinks rather than a story depicting the actual fall of the Champions and heroes of Hyrule. Hearing that sort of caused me to be more wary of the title but these games seem to exist solely for the purpose of beating up large groups of enemies with powerful yet often silly moves. I liken it something like Gundam Wing where the powerful Gundam mobile suits will take out 100s of regular mobile suits. There can be some fun in that.

However, I did list the game in the Intrigued But Undecided portion as I felt my possible purchase of it would depend more on my getting around to playing more of the first Hyrule Warriors on Wii U. I started it up one evening because my cousin had played some of the Dynasty Warrior games and liked Zelda and wanted to see what the game was like. It was an ok experience. It didn't grip me in that I kept playing it. It also felt kind of simple or easy. Yet, bashing up a large group of enemies was a kind of satisfying so I didn't regret my time sampling it. I've thought about returning to it a few times but keep putting it off and selecting other games to play instead.

If I do get around to playing it and find I'm getting bored as it goes on or just not loving it then I'll likely end up crossing Age of Calamity off this list. However, I'll admit that I'd actually already forgotten this game existed until E3 which illustrates to me how quickly it fell out of the gaming conversation and clearly didn't capture my imagination that much. With your additional criticism of it, I'm thinking I'll move this into that bottom section now. Hyrule Warriors will really have to make an impact for me to keep it on the list.

I would sooner replay Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

That's just YIKES! You come to bury Age of Calamity, not to praise it.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch Wishlist Game Recommendations
« on: June 30, 2021, 07:45:05 PM »
So, a bunch of these have demos, which would be an obvious starting point. Goes for Monster Hunter Stories 2, Bravely Default 2, The Touryst, Daemon X Machina, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and possibly Balan Wonderland too if they didn't remove it.

Alright. Let’s talk demos. This could probably be a topic of its own. I don’t bother with them. Even in the past when going to a store with a demo kiosk where you could play a bit of a game, I rarely took advantage of that. (A big reason being I didn't trust the cleanliness of a lot of the controls from all the kids that would have been touching it.) I can think of about 6 times that I do recall using a kiosk at a store over a 20 year period and half of that is because I was bored and waiting around at the store. With the 3DS, I have downloaded four demos. Those are the only demos I’ve ever downloaded off the eShop or WiiWare to this date. The titles are Theatrhythym Final Fantasy, Rhythm Thief, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Captain Toad and Kirby I just downloaded to see what the 3D effect looked like. Theatrhythm seemed alright but I had no affinity for the songs having never played a Final Fantasy game. I ended up buying the Curtain Call sequel because of a good sale price on it but have yet to open it out of the plastic. Rhythm Thief is probably the most successful demo I’ve played because, of the three Rhythm games on it, I loved the second one and it sold me on the game. It’s still one of my favorite games for the 3DS. I think I’d have ended up getting around to buying the game anyways without the demo as I was already kind of sold on it at the time it was coming out but playing that demo put it into a Must Buy category for me.

My hang-up with demos are that I don’t like the nature of getting into a game only for it to end. Obviously, the goal is to make the player want to play more now and buy the game to do so. However, if I’m going to start getting into a game and learning it, I’d rather just do it when I have the game and plan to play it all through. It’s like watching a few early scenes from a movie to decide if you are going to watch it. Why bother doing that when you could just start watching the movie? After awhile, you’ll be able to tell if you want to keep watching it or not anyways. The trailer is usually enough to tell me about and sell me on a game and if I still don’t get it then there’s lots of Youtube videos of people playing the game where I can watch a bit of it and see it in action that way. (It’s probably why Starlink is near the bottom of my list. I watched some of it in action but it just looked rather boring as the ships were just blowing up some plain looking buildings. When it comes to aerial combat, the Rogue Squadron games are my jam and a game needs to look comparable to that for me to seriously want it and I just haven't seen that from Starlink.)

Moreover, a demo of the early start of the game can still be misleading. It's just like watching a couple opening scenes from a movie can be misleading. You may think it is going to be a certain type of genre or story but end up being something else altogether. It doesn't necessarily give you the whole picture of the later elements of the game or the overall quality of it. Even though some demos advertise that you can transfer the data you create from the demo to the actual game when it becomes available or you purchase it, I don't really care about that since I'd rather just get the game and start it then rather then go through that rigmarole. The idea of playing a bunch of beginnings but not really getting anywhere for an incomplete picture just seems pointless especially since beginnings are usually pretty basic stuff.

Is this just me? Am I just an old ornery obstinate guy when it comes to my opinion on demos?

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch Wishlist Game Recommendations
« on: June 30, 2021, 06:40:53 PM »
Wowzers, that's a long list. What makes Sonic Forces interesting to you? I got the impression it was a deeply sub-par game, even amongst the spotty 3D Sonic games catalogue. Seems like the upcoming Sonic Colors Ultimate is a lot more liked.

When it comes to me and Sonic games, Brokeback Mountain put it best with its line of “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

During the GameCube era was when I had my real exposure to Sonic. I had played the first game briefly here and there when at a friend’s house and another friend had a Game Gear and I completed that version of Sonic the Hedgehog over a few visits. But with the GameCube is when I finally purchased and played Sonic games of my own. I got all the A ranks in Sonic Adventure 2, all the A ranks in Sonic Adventure DX, I played through and almost completed all of Sonic Heroes. I know the games are wonky and mediocre at times. And yet, and yet, and yet….. somehow the games find ways to overcome those flaws and I find myself really liking or enjoying stuff in them. Despite the sometimes cheesy attempts of making Sonic a cool and rad dude, somehow Sega still does deliver moments that work.

Earlier the topic of Crash Bandicoot’s slid into mediocrity was brought up. Despite Sonic’s slide into it, he still remains a top popular mascot thanks to the other media iterations of the character and the games still sell. I think the difference is that despite various elements that people can complain about or point out as flawed in these games, there are still parts that are enjoyed or do come together. There’s just a different weird flavor to Sonic, and by extension Sega, games that you don’t get anywhere else. Even though the attitude and design of the games may hit as much as it also misses the mark, it has been successful enough to somehow keep me coming back for more.

I also keep buying them too because they often end up quite cheap which is now the case with Sonic Forces. For $10 - $15 bucks, I don’t really feel like it’s any big expense to buy these games. And with Sonic Forces, you can design your own character and thus allowing you to dip your toe in the world of furries and see what that’s all about.

"Miiverse Beta"

That is a good title. I guess now we could always do Miiverse Omega at some point.

General Gaming / Re: What is your most recent gaming purchase?
« on: June 29, 2021, 10:21:13 PM »
Jane is still waiting on those movie recommendations Khush  ;)

Finally posted its spam and is gone!  ;D  8)

I support this idea. Chaos is dead. Also, I think it's deserved because I think the Funhouse has done more to help connect gamers to play games and communicate with each other through the Mafia, Safe Words and other games that have been played in it.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch Wishlist Game Recommendations
« on: June 29, 2021, 10:07:16 PM »
Bug Fables hits Gamepass in a few days so I'll probably play it there.

If you do get into then I look forward to your thoughts on it. My hesitation with it is that, while I know it is based on the Paper Mario RPG style with the flat characters and battle system, I don't see anything to suggest the humor those games have. It looks more serious but that also makes it look a bit more dull especially when I haven't seen anything in the screenshots or trailer that wowed me with the areas you seem to travel and explore in.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch Wishlist Game Recommendations
« on: June 29, 2021, 09:59:33 PM »
The Famicom Detective Club games are good too, and also very short. I beat one in only a few hours and I think James said on the podcast they were like 8 hours long. I’m partway through the second one, and they’re both neat little stories that I think are enjoyable. However, the biggest thing for me was that they scratched the Ace Attorney itch for me since it’s been so long since I played one of those. But if you get The Great Ace Attorney when it comes out, it could satiate that need for you.

For Fitness Boxing, I would recommend the sequel over the original because of the slight changes they made. You're not gonna miss anything from not playing the first game unless the song list is that important to you. Also, the demos are pretty ok. The initial workouts are not too intense, and that's what you get in the demo. So it doesn't give a full picture of what you can expect from the full game.

Good advice. I'll keep the 2nd one in mind then. Never thought about the songs with the game so I'll have to see if that would make any difference.

I'm probably not going to acquire the Ace Attorney game when it comes out because Capcom will eventually put those things on sale for 50% - 60% if one goes by their past history of the AA games on 3DS and now eShop. That said, I'd be more willing to pay full price for that package then Nintendo's Famicom Detective Club offerings. The Great Ace Attorney is two full AA games and those things can take hours and hours based on how AA5 and AA6 went being sold at $50.00 CDN. Meanwhile, Nintendo is offering both FDC games at $80 and from everything I've been seeing on them, they don't take that long to complete or aren't very long. My guess is that one could probably go through both FDC games before they'd complete one of the Ace Attorney games. I don't normally care that much about what level a publisher sets the price of their game but this is one of the few instances where I feel Nintendo has way overvalued the worth of the product and is probably sabotaging the amount of sales this could be getting. I have to think at some point there will be some a further drop in price or sale on the titles but will people be as interested in the games as they may have been when they were first released and with better options available? Nintendo doesn't seem to want to do much of a sale beyond 30% but this is one case where I think they should think about going down to 50%. We'll see who wins out in this battle for a sale.

I also think it's hard for games to scratch the Ace Attorney itch well. I've played a couple things like A Case of Distrust and Murder By Numbers and other visual novel mysteries just don't seem to get the job done. That push and pull of questioning people and looking for the lies or new questions that come from testimony just hits a real sweet spot and sometimes you are as much in the dark as the attorney trying to figure out what it all amounts to. I haven't found anything yet that comes close.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch Wishlist Game Recommendations
« on: June 29, 2021, 09:39:19 PM »
Heh heh heh, I'm sure you do. No, I don't have a copy. I could get a physical copy for cheap as well but I've never bothered because I soon became aware after it released that the smart and more cost efficient way to acquire the game would be the Digital Deluxe edition. As such, I've never been interested in getting the physical copy.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch Wishlist Game Recommendations
« on: June 29, 2021, 06:23:02 PM »
I cannot recommend the Crash N-sane trilogy unless you have some sort of nostalgia for the originals. The Spyro Trilogy on the other hand is really good outside of some incredibly minor issues with the third game which was handled by a different developer.

I've got no nostalgia for them but have wanted to try them just to satisfy my younger self's curiosity. While I was happy with the N64 offerings I played, Crash was one of the few PS1 games and series that did get my attention and would have wanted if I had a PS1. But then the whole series seemed to fall into mediocrity and then people even began criticizing the originals as never very good. That may be the case but it is still a bit of gaming history that I'm sort of still open to trying out. Go back to that moment in time when that type of game was enjoyed. However, there is a reason I've got it so low on my wish list and am not worried if I never get around to it because the majority opinion seems to be that only the third game of that trilogy still has some worth in replaying today. (Although some people did prop up the N. Sane Trilogy as a better collection than Mario 3D All-Stars at the time of that game's release because Nintendo didn't remaster or remake the games like N. Sane did.)

Are you familiar with the channel GINX esports TV? I've been getting a free preview of it through my cable subscription over the past couple weeks. On the whole, it's a worthless channel if you aren't interested in esports and watching people play League of Legends or Fortnite for example. However, there is one show I saw that caught my eye as I was looking at the channel's offerings called Origins. It's sort of a documentary style program that sort of traces what led to the development of a game, its reception and effect and current impact or status. I watched a few episodes that were about PUBG, Fortnite, and Wii Sports. I learned quite a bit on some of these titles and I highly recommend the Wii Sports one as it really explored what made it one of the biggest impacts in gaming without stuff like Wiimotes smashing TV or the hardcore vs casual debate that erupted during the Wii years as many in the industry tried to fight its success. Gave me new appreciation for a game I wasn't all that into back when it did first come out. Anyways, last night, the show did an episode on the Spyro series which is a series I've never paid much attention to. By the end of it, I was considering adding the Spyro Remastered Trilogy to this wishlist. However, I think you are wrong about a different developer for the third game. From the program I watched last night, Insomniac Games developed the first three games. They left their partnership with Universal after the third game was finished to go on their own but Universal kept the rights for Spyro and then began hiring other developers to make further games with the property.

When Toys For Bob worked on the Remastered Trilogy, they got in contact with Insomniac Games and sort of worked with them to get their approval and make sure they were happy with the product which Insomniac appreciated and did give their approval for the product because of that. From everything I saw, the original three games were all done by the same development team at Insomniac.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch Wishlist Game Recommendations
« on: June 29, 2021, 05:31:30 PM »
Yeah, I've wanting to get around to those games for some time after seeing Clex Yoshi and I think Halbred (Zach) giving them a lot of praise and love. Right now, it is like Pokemon games for me. A series I buy and don't play. The first game I bought was 1/2 Genie Hero for the Wii U. I was in an EBGames and there was a used copy special edition available so I grabbed it at that lower price. About a year later, I visited a Toys R Us and they had a single copy of Shantae and the Pirates Curse for 3DS at like half price so I snagged that as well. However, it wasn't until early 2020 that I finally got around to purchasing the original Shantae GBC game on the 3DS VC after starting a thread and getting into those VC offerings in the later half of 2019. I want to go through the series in order.

I see I left off Shantae and the Seven Sirens on this list. It's actually on the Wish List for my eShop account but I missed it here. It would be in the same spot as Risky's Revenge as something I'm likely going to pick up at some point. However, I'd rather get Risky's Revenge first.

I also like games such as Shantae where you can play for a bit and make steady progress. I've been playing Bye-Bye BoxBoy on my 3DS and doing a World a day. I could probably go through more but just doing that I've almost completed the game and still had time for other activities.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Games you DON'T want to see come out
« on: June 29, 2021, 04:47:55 PM »
Going back to an earlier point, I guess things got a bit sidetracked by using Mega Man as an example.

(Although I think you defenders are wrong. What is the downside to having Mega Man games freshened up like Metroid: Zero Mission? Seems like a win to have better controls for combat and more detailed environments. Ducktales Remastered vs Ducktakes NES? You're telling me the NES game is still better?)

However, the main point was to NES games in general. I get its cheap for the publishers and developers to just keep re-releasing these 30 year old games again and again on new hardware but I have to think interest in them has fallen from the Wii VC days. If we are remastering and remaking games that are 20 years or less already like Spyro, Crash, FF7 or Shadow of the Colossus then why isn't the same being done for those NES titles? I get some people are nostalgic for the pixel and 8-bit look but I'm not saying those have to be deleted or unavailable from now on. However, if you want to breath new life and renew gaming interest in some of these franchises or titles then I don't think re-releasing the same old NES rom on Switch 2 is going to do it.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Games you DON'T want to see come out
« on: June 29, 2021, 04:33:46 PM »
How about Wario Wears.  A dress up game for Wario and Luigi.  I don't want to see that. 

Or Waluigi's Birds and the Bees.  An educational Visual Novel about puberty and reproduction.

Sweet Georgia Brown!! You came up with two great game ideas and dismissed them both!

I can see WarioWears being like a Savvy Style game only with Mushroom Kingdom characters. Help design clothes and party decor for Pauline and opening night of New Donk's City Jazz Festival, design the clothes and ball room for a Toad and Toadette's Wedding Party, or put together the party decor and design clothes for Peach and others at the Annual Mushroom Kingdom Fireworks Festival. You can design things more traditional with Mona, more gothic with Ashley, more Nintendo flavored with 9-Volt or completely garish with the Wario man himself! See the party and events play out after you've designed them. What a game!

And as for the Waluigi game, I would tweak it slightly more to a dating sim game as Waluigi tries to find love and his romantic misadventures. That has the makings of comedy gold!

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Games you DON'T want to see come out
« on: June 28, 2021, 06:44:38 PM »
Another release of Urban Champion.

Heck, most NES games at this point unless developers want to remake them like Metroid Zero Mission's rethink of Metroid NES.

Saw this image the other day of Mega Man:

If the early Mega Man games looked a bit like that or their Smash representation then I'd have a greater desire to playing them instead of seeing this:

2D Platformers today can have some beautiful and fluid animations and visuals today:

I'm more likely to play (and did play) the latter over the former because it is visually more striking and knowing that it was made with modern game design and not the home arcade type of design that the NES and early GB games had. Update and refine those games and I think you could spark new interest and appeal to people gaming today rather then having to provide caveats and qualifiers about why the game is good or understanding why it plays the way it does to newer or younger gamers learning about them.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Run[ner] the Developer 3: Choice Provisions
« on: June 28, 2021, 06:03:39 PM »
As for myself, I have not Bit Tripped yet. I did acquire the 3DS Bit Trip collection about two years ago as the interest has always been there. I also purchased Runner 3 on the eShop because the price was slashed down so much and I'd become curious about the series after the praise Runner 2 got on these forums. I played the first couple levels to try it out and it is something I'll want to return to at some point. At the time, I was playing other stuff and wanted to keep my focus on them instead of getting distracted by this new purchase. Have yet to return to it though. Kind of forgot about it until now.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Run[ner] the Developer 3: Choice Provisions
« on: June 28, 2021, 05:59:00 PM »
Huh. I did not know that Bubsy: Paws on Fire was made by the same people behind the Runner series. That actually changes my dismissive opinion about Bubsy: Paws on Fire to wondering if it actually would have some quality to it.

I heard the bad reviews but I also heard similar complaints about Runner3 and I really enjoyed that. So I picked it up when it was on sale. Keep in mind the poll just asks if you played the game, not if you would recommend it to others.

Well, would you recommend it to others?

;D LOL, I would totally do that but I have actually been unable to change my profile name or picture lately. I am not sure if it is a problem on my end or not.

Not sure what would be preventing you from changing your avatar or name but can do it for you to if you need the assistance.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch Wishlist Game Recommendations
« on: June 28, 2021, 05:53:56 PM »
So, what is the point of this whole list? Well, it is the fact that the community and users here do have some influence on me and I find that different perspective helpful as well in considering what games I might seek out. For instance, Moon is a title I have in my Intrigued But Undecided section. It's there because pokepal148 started making such a big deal about it on Discord that I looked it up and checked it out yet. What I saw sparked my interest some more on the title. Yet, I'm not sure my tastes always line up with pokepal's. However, if other users here also have some favorable things to say or can give some reasons as to why it's worth playing then that may decide the matter for me as to whether it would go up my list to perhaps Likely To Buy (or maybe even Most Wanted if the pitch is good enough) or perhaps off the list altogether if there are negative reasons given as to why it should be skipped or avoided. Perhaps even games in the higher slots will drop down or come off altogether depending on how others feel.

Basically, if you've got some perspective on titles listed here and want to share it, I'd love to hear it and get more insight from those who may have played it or made some decision about whether they would or wouldn't get these games as well. And while I mentioned ignoring what's not on here, if you do want to throw out the names or titles of some games you really liked and want to recommend then go ahead. I'll still hear your unsolicited opinion anyways.  ;)  Or if you have a list of your own regarding some titles you've been on the fence about then here's a thread to post them and see what others have to say as well.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch Wishlist Game Recommendations
« on: June 28, 2021, 05:53:47 PM »
I've ordered this list by different levels. Most Wanted are games I will be buying for the Switch no matter what the reviews are and may likely buy at full price. Will Likely Purchase likewise falls under that same feeling except I am willing to wait for a deal to acquire those titles.

Leaning Towards Getting are games that are on a precipice. It's like I'm close to adding them to my must buy list but they just don't have the hype or perhaps the familiarity I have with the earlier titles listed that I'm likely to buy. Intrigued But Undecided are games that have an element or two that have caught my attention and but them on my radar but I also question whether I'd actually care for them much or have elements that also work against it. For instance, Baba Is You is a game that seems to have been highly praised. It got a 9/10 here. I even saw some video of some type of game awards or recognition being done in Japan where Sakurai was the presenter and he talked about and praised the game. The problem is when I see images of the game, it just looks dull, low budget and almost too abstract or stark for its visuals and world. That element is stronger or at least counters the knowledge I have of the critical reception that leaves me undecided on it.

As for Low Concern, these are games that got my attention at some point because they had some favorable reviews or has some elements that intrigued me but time passed and the hype went away and other titles came along that were more desired. If I never end up getting them, I don't think I'll have any regret about it since they never motivated me enough to get them up to this point in time. And yet, I haven't been able to quite close the door on such a possibility because of whatever initial spark of interest they had still leaves a shadow in my memory that I keep them in mind when making a list like this.

Nintendo Gaming / Nintendo Switch Wishlist Game Recommendations
« on: June 28, 2021, 05:53:28 PM »
I recently scoured through all the titles listed as available for Switch or coming to it either physically or digitally and made a list of all the games that interested me or line up with my taste in some way. I created this list as a sort of buyer's guide for me for the titles I plan to watch out for and possible sales or deals that may come up for them.

(Obviously, titles I already own aren't on it so don't be shocked that I seemingly show no interest in something like Super Mario Odyssey or Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition because I don't mention them. Forget about what's not on here as it's only the stuff listed I want to hear more about.)

Let's get to the list:

Most Wanted
Metroid Dread
Mario Party Superstars
Paper Mario: Origami King
The Great Ace Attorney
Metroid Prime 4
Breath of the Wild 2

Will Likely Also Purchase At Some Point
Ring Fit Adventure
Mario Golf: Super Rush
WarioWare: Get It Together
XC2 - Torma: The Golden Country
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Pokemon Sword/Shield
Shantae: Risky's Revenge
Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope
Sonic Forces
New Pokemon Snap
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Leaning Towards Getting
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania
Down in Bermuda
Fall Guys
Famicom Detective Club
Shinsekai: Into the Depths
The Touryst
Ori and the Blind Forest
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Super Mario 3D World & Bowser's Fury
AI: The Somnium Files
Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy
Tales of Vesperia
Daemon X Machina
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 9
Monster Hunter Stories 2

Intrigued But Undecided
Baba is You
Unravel Two
Fitness Boxing
Two Point Hospital
Two Point Campus
Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Danganronpa Decadence
Moon (PS1 RPG)
Party Animals
Stardew Valley
Bravely Default 2

Low Concern
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
Balan Wonderworld
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Golf Story
The Stretchers
Yoku's Island Express
A Hat in Time
Story of Seasons: Pioneer of Olive Town
Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling
Panzer Dragoon Remake

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