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General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: April 15, 2021, 07:32:53 PM »
Was scheduled for Moderna but they gave me Pfizer instead as they ran out. Second shot early May. Feels like getting the flu vaccine. Sore arm muscles and general fatigue. Day 2 was worse with migraines and lots of soreness/fatigue but feeling better on day three after the wife took half my night shift with infant and I got a longer rest with a swig of nyquil.

General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: April 13, 2021, 01:14:19 AM »
I thought Canada had their **** together more than the US but this sounds incredibly frustrating. Sorry to hear Ian and fellow Canucks.

On the bright side my wife got the first dose and I got scheduled for mine so things are looking good here...though some parts of our state are about to get downgraded into tighter lockdown because knuckleheads keep breaking distancing/quarantine anytime the weather turns a little bit nice (my correlation I am seeing, probably a lot more to it than that). Seems here the rate of hospitalization is increasing at similar rates to the vaccinations rates so feels a bit like an arms race.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Monster Hunter Rising to the Occasion
« on: April 12, 2021, 07:43:24 AM »
A great feature is the practice area. You can swap weapons quickly and practice combos. Also shows the button presses and combos on screen to better teach you. Much easier way to pick up a new weapon than just diving into a random mission and getting owned by the monster.

Used it to brush up on my gunlance and it really helped me grasp the different weapon controls.

I have a TCL TV.

Is it my TV or did that third episode of Falcon and Winter soldier have the worst lighting in years?

I had to set my brightness settings to their highest setting and everyone still looked like outlines.

I watched the final season of Game of Thrones. This episode was not too dark  ;D :D

That episode was 2 years ago now. That was the last time. At least that made sense from a plot standpoint. The Long Night was a remake of Army of Darkness.

I would strongly disagree on it making sense as there were plenty of films and shows that show night scenes perfectly fine. But I digress; I didn't notice any issues with the episode being too dark and we watched it on our older TV that doesn't always get the color right on part of the screen so we would have noticed it. I'm thinking it was your TV?

Is it my TV or did that third episode of Falcon and Winter soldier have the worst lighting in years?

I had to set my brightness settings to their highest setting and everyone still looked like outlines.

I watched the final season of Game of Thrones. This episode was not too dark  ;D :D

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: April 04, 2021, 03:18:08 AM »
I liked S1 of Korra, it felt like it upped the ante in a lot of great ways but that the escalation ended faster than I would have expected, especially for a single first season. While the 'resolution' at the end for her dilemma made some sense, it felt unearned or at least not dwelled on long enough.

Then S2 felt like it upped that ante from the climax of S1 10-fold to the point it felt like it should have been the final season. Knowing that Nick's commitment issues were at play I can see why each season both upped the risk and seemed like a 'new final boss form' challenge to overcome as they were trying to write a series conclusion that ended up not being the end.

Partway through S3 now and I like how it has 'settled back down' so to speak. I like all the additional world building but agree that the characters have been neglected so to speak (but there are also some really good moments as well).

I've not seen enough of Zuko to know what they did for his character, but not seen anything too bad about the others (mixed feelings on Toph, but maybe I'll see more later in the season). I like the sibling dynamic for Aang's kids, though I need more context to know if it truly is a mar on Aang's character/poor parenting since we are only hearing it from the perspective of the children as adults while they are fighting/resolving fights.

General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: April 04, 2021, 02:44:28 AM »
With our luck these last few years it would be a case of zombi-ism and the world would plunge into that chaotic world some nutty folks I know are prepping for.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch Lite and Future Revisions
« on: April 02, 2021, 03:52:40 AM »
I'm in the "Super Switch" name camp, but really I'll be happy so long as they don't give it a dumb name like 'New' or add and 'i' at the end or 'Plus'/'+'. Nintendo really sucks at names when upgrading systems.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Monster Hunter Rising to the Occasion
« on: April 02, 2021, 03:44:43 AM »
I was going to bee line to Wroggi in celebration of my favorite armor set returning, but wasn't sure how far into the game it shows up. Was going to look it up, but then realized other than the demo and initial trailer I was completely blind on the game and didn't want to spoil too much. So I'm just going to go through all the solo missions and enjoy the game instead of rushing.

Started on bow but I've been bow the last three games, so I'm back to longsword. Thinking after getting the hang of wirebugging I'll jump over to something else like lance/gunlance or hammer.

I'd play online, but irregular schedule with the baby has me up at odd times and never having more than a few minutes to play a full match, so online will be tricky until things settle down.

General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: April 02, 2021, 03:04:24 AM »
I understand the hesitation to take this vaccine based on how it was originally presented, and historical treatment of POC when it comes to testing these things.

From a POC POV, sitting back and watching what happens to everyone that does take it, is quite a popular stance. But honestly, the new admin has done a much better job of framing this as a safe and effective treatment, and not just a monetary achievement and political goal for a re-election campaign.

That's a great point I hadn't thought of and I ran it by my wife and it kind of stopped her in her tracks. She was the convinced that her mom was being stubborn, and she does have a flair for the dramatic to make her points appear more valid, but Guatemalans were 'tested' by scientist years ago and injected with syphilis virus and forced to suffer until death for the sake of studying how the virus progressed. Guatemalan natives have traditionally been very kind and welcoming to strangers and travelers, but a lot of the native/remote communities have become much more cold because of this treatment in the past. It is probably still in part based out of fear of the unknown, but this past certainly could have an impact on her and other's hesitation sadly. Only thing to combat that is gently providing information and patience and the effects of the vaccines prove to be truly successful.

I was able to convince one sibling to actually go look into the virus by just having a conversation about it, but she was always one of the more reasonable ones.

On another note looks like my state is opening up vaccines to most everyone in the coming weeks so hoping the wife and I can get in there soon. We're hoping my wife can pass on the antibodies to our baby so some added protection. Wasn't a hard decision, but still a bummer to disappointed family by keeping them away until vaccinations are all settled in.

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: March 29, 2021, 01:31:08 AM »
ATLA and Korra are both great.
I prefer the first series over the second, but they were both great.
I would love to see a 3rd series that carries on the story.

I know they are doing a new animated project in the Avatar space, and I think also another Live Action version on Netflix, but who knows what that will look like or when it will come to be.

oh, and this is the Movie thread. I think you may have been looking for the TV thread.

Sounds like they want to do multiple film and TV projects, and the lore already established leaves plenty of room for expanded adventures from the current show's casts and new ones.

And my bad, I was planning to also post in the TV thread but Tom & Jerry made me think TV and my brain just spewed it all out together.

General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: March 28, 2021, 04:32:35 PM »
Was gonna type up another rant about family and friends and refusing the vaccine, but instead I'll just say it sucks when you see you may be losing family and friends to madness and irrational defiance. Its amazing how many people have made up their minds about things based off of hearsay and 'feelings'.

I have a baby girl to protect now so it makes these hard choices much easier to make but not less painful.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Monster Hunter Rising to the Occasion
« on: March 28, 2021, 04:05:47 PM »
Word is this one is even more accessible than World so it sounds like a great one to give a shot.

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: March 28, 2021, 04:00:06 PM »
I suspect modern culture misinterprets Tom and Jerry. Look at how a lot of people stretch the term 'prank' into the realm of abusive or harassing behavior.

Avatar the Last Air Bender

I decided to check this out since I've heard good things about it and knew Star Wars lore master Dave Filoni was involved. It was very creative and clever. Humor was on point and the characters were all interesting, engaging, and likeable. Its one of those 'kids shows' that really transcends into more of an all-ages universal appeal and I highly recommend it for fans of animation and fans of adventure and fantasy stories, especially those fond of more Asian themed fantasy settings.

Dove right into the sequel show Korra and I'm loving that as well, it really does a good job upping the emotional ante an new high stakes instead of repeating the same old story points.

Nintendo Gaming / Monster Hunter Rising to the Occasion
« on: March 28, 2021, 03:41:17 PM »
I've been swamped with dealing with a newborn, but I did preorder this. Looking forward to getting to play with everyone in the coming weeks. Who else has picked it up and what are everyone's thoughts so far?

Who's making their way to the theater for BW?
who's just gonna invite over 30 of your closest friends and family and charge $1 per head to rent the movie?

While that is the only way to justify the price, I'm still refusing to partake out of principal since I don't think Disney should be charging $30 for access to one film. If they REALLY want more revenue then offer a "premium" tier for an extra monthly fee, but I don't like that much either.

On the other hand I don't know if I really WANT to return to movie theaters in the next year or so, so I may just end up waiting for most films to come to general streaming in general, even MCU ones.

I would also like to add that I say the above as completely separate to all the nonsense going on about him lately (although now I'm less inclined to believe it) - rather focusing on the product he created four years ago exclusively.

I've been half skeptical from the start because of how clearly the callouts were linked to this film and not other things. Fans tend to bleed concepts together and in an effort to defend their preferred film creator latched onto anything and everything to prove their point. The biggest sign though was Gal Gaddot's response. This is the woman who came out swinging to remove Harvey Winestein's company from involvement with WW1984 and the worst she could come up with was that working under Joss Whedon was "not a pleasant experience". That sounds more like direction disagreements or co-workers that didn't see eye-to-eye on things and it could have even not been fully due to Joss --especially with known studio interference mucking things up. If he was truly as terrible as the internet has made him out to be then I'd expect Gal to have been much more forceful and clear in her responses. Whedon could be a huge deuche (sp?) but we may not know it for sure until we get some tangible feedback from people who worked with him on other projects (and I seem to recall the Avengers actors didn't have the same issue with him when asked in response to this stuff). The whole Justice League production was a mess and motives are all muddled up.

I updated the title for the new show.

Felt a little lacking for a first episode but I expect things to speed up quickly with only 6 episodes.

Love the "we have ___ at home" meme with the new discount Steve Rogers floating around.

So I finally saw Killing Joke on Netflix last night and I was kinda underwhelmed. I remember there was some stink about ways it diverged from the source but it just felt like it was missing something more from it. Hamill as the Joker was great, but it just didn't feel like it made all of its points clearly. Did I miss something obvious or is this really the extent of the comic as well?

Weird, I've read two different quotes from WandaVision creators that contradict each other. One claimed that they didn't want to jerk around fans too much with fake outs (but Fak-ietro) and another was quoted as stating they couldn't have done the fake Pietro plot without having FoX-Men actor on board, which feels like it was an intentional fake-out. Honestly I'm a little irritated with the landing of the series. There are red herrings, but we got more red herrings than actual plot reveals it feels and the things they teased just feel off to be left as false leads.

I still enjoyed the episode and show as a whole, but even in the high of the end credits and teaser scene the series felt a little hollow to me. Only thing making me not as down on it is the MCU grace of knowing we'll pick up some of these plot points and some things that felt missing can be addressed later.

I mean, he also wrongfully imprisoned an FBI agent, so that's another mark against him.

Blue / Re: Safe Words 17: Now That's What I Call... Round 2!
« on: March 08, 2021, 05:07:41 PM »
So much for making it a family act! Better luck going back to being a solo artist ;)

Blue / Re: Safe Words 17: Now That's What I Call... Round 1!
« on: March 07, 2021, 10:25:44 PM »
Looks like I half hijacked this thread to be my baby announcement thread ;) Thanks for the well wishes all. Wife had a beautiful baby girl. Had some minor complications but after a week in the hospital momma and baby are home safe. Its our first so been a major learning experience. Thankfully between my awesome company and local state family leave program I get three months of paid leave to stay home and be fully there with the family. I thought that would mean some extra time for games between feedings but its not quite gone that smoothly yet.

Blue / Re: Safe Words 17: Now That's What I Call... Round 1!
« on: March 07, 2021, 10:18:55 PM »
Gonna go with JT and the Big Family - Moments in Soul

Blue / Re: Safe Words 17: Now That's What I Call... Round 1!
« on: March 06, 2021, 08:34:58 PM »
I am dealing with a newborn now so would appreciate the pm reminder when it is my turn if it isn't too much to ask for. Been difficult to keep track of much of anything presently. Either an NWR pm or message on discord should get the message to me to check in if I've fallen into the quantum realm of parenting.

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