Author Topic: Episode 259: Bravely Defaulting on the Atlus Line  (Read 101 times)

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Episode 259: Bravely Defaulting on the Atlus Line
« on: February 05, 2021, 11:42:10 AM »

The editor Alex whips Neal and John into shape as they talk Switch sales numbers, Zelda 35th, and more.

We welcome Alex de Freitas - who has been the man behind the scenes editing the show - in his NWR podcast debut. Alex tells John and Neal about his upcoming and ambitious history of Bravely Default feature (coming to a YouTube channel near you) and then the gang leans back and goes "wow" as they recap some Switch sales numbers. After Xenoblade digression, they switch gears to talk about their hopes and dreams for Zelda's 35th Anniversary.

00:03:07 - Alex's Bravely Default 2 Feature
00:23:26 - Switch Sales Numbers
00:42:01 - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the Atlus Line
00:57:31 - Zelda's 35th Anniversary
01:46:29 - Closing Thoughts

Send in some listener mail and let us know what you want to see from this revival. Feel to harass the Twitter account as well.

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