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General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« Last post by BlackNMild2k1 on Today at 01:55:58 AM »
It was a CDC press conference that was on shortly before I posted, of the CDC reversing guidelines, and being very cautious of not pissing off the anti-maskers by emphasizing that it wasn't a "mandate" just a "recommended guideline".

I was half listening while working, but the post conference news was trying to spin it as "rare" that a vaccinated person would carry the virus or be able to spread it. But the Delta variant reproduces much more rapidly and is much more contagious, so even vaccinated people are getting sick and spreading it to other vaccinated and unvaccinated people, because careless vaccinated people are running around thinking they are invincible and immune, forgetting they are still potential carriers and still potential spreaders, even if they aren't getting "sick" from the COVID they carry.

I'm just tired of this whole thing. I would like to think that if this wasn't ignored, and then massively mishandled from the get-go, that we'd be past all this already.... another "swine-flu/bird-flu" season passing type thing. If all they politicizing and misinformation campaign BS had been nixed before it even began by competent professionals in charge of these types of things, that maybe, we would've already been past this whole thing...

Instead we charge head-on towards "herd immunity" as quickly as possible by baiting the community to get vaccinated with promises of mask-less interactions being 100% safe, not that you shouldn't get vaccinated, just that you shouldn't think that just because you are, you are now immune and non-contaminable, when in reality, you just became the unaware sleeper spreader...

and I must pre-face this rant with the fact that I have 3 vaccinated friends that just tested positive, and 2 of them had to be hospitalized for a few days, so it's a little bit of a raw subject. /rant
Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Sales Thread
« Last post by Luigi Dude on Today at 12:22:01 AM »
So let's say that the Switch "owns" the majority of the Japan console market for the next couple years, minus a couple PS5 diehards due to unique offerings on Sony's platform. How useful is that to Nintendo is terms of garnering third-party dev support?

As we already see, very useful.  Nintendo pretty much gets majority of niche and more Japan focused third party titles now and that will just continue.  The only exclusives Sony has are the games trying to be Hollywood AAA titles that are aimed more at the West.

This is why we've seen a major shift these last few years that wont change since third parties that cant afford to make a Western AAA style game have to make games for Switch since Sony literally left Japan and the Switch is the only viable system over there.
General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« Last post by ThePerm on Yesterday at 07:28:07 PM »
It really irks me that people have a really ritualistic notions on how this stuff works. We'd be over this mess by now, if everyone had taken a decent biology class.
It's the weirdest thing...

"Bombuzal" is the Japanese name of the game, but in the US, it's titled "Kablooey." The version here is the US version, complete with "Kablooey" on the title screen, but the box on the selection list is the US box with "Bombuzal" edited in place of "Kablooey." Why would they bother to do this? Is there some reason they can't call it "Kablooey" anymore? Doesn't anyone else care to get to the bottom of this?! I gotta know!!!!!!

...Ahem. I mainly know this since I actually have the cartridge. It's a decent puzzle game with confusing controls, but Charlie Blast's Territory on N64 does the concept better.

As far as more additions go, there are still more Nintendo-published titles they could add, I wonder why they aren't. Some which come to mind are EarthBound, Wario's Woods, and Yoshi's Cookie. There's also Super Mario RPG, but I'm still confused about who all has the rights to it.

I'd definitely be into Khushrenada's suggestion of Super Scope games, I was always curious about that thing but never tracked one down.
Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Sales Thread
« Last post by Kairon on Yesterday at 07:02:48 PM »
So let's say that the Switch "owns" the majority of the Japan console market for the next couple years, minus a couple PS5 diehards due to unique offerings on Sony's platform. How useful is that to Nintendo is terms of garnering third-party dev support?
Movies & TV / Re: SPOILER ALERT: MCU Thread (Livin' La Vida Loki)
« Last post by Shorty McNostril on Yesterday at 06:15:10 PM »
It was how episode two concluded. Sylvie rigged all the bombs she'd been stealing off the TVA teams to travel through to all different points in time and detonate. It resulted in the time graph going bananas. This just seemed to be completely dropped, rather we follow Loki through the portal chasing Sylvie and watched them bicker and sing on a train for half an hour. Felt like a whole episode's worth of content or more was just left out. You'd think that blowing all those timelines would have been quite a significant (and very interesting) event.
General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« Last post by Stratos on Yesterday at 05:41:49 PM »
Wife and I never stopped wearing them and I've been building a case at work for months that I don't want to go back in the Fall like they are planning. Felt like my manager was not really listening but I think I finally got through to him but we still need to wait until we are closer to get final decisions. I honestly plan on really digging my heels in and pulling all my cards to get semi-permanent wfh status. I have an infant with extra health concerns. No reasons they have given have justified mandating return to office even part-time, if anything part time is just as bad because coming in for team meetings means cramming into conference rooms and such.

We are far from being out of the woods so I and my family are buckled in for the long haul. I'm already looking for a new job that is 100% remote just in case my company will be refusing, but I don't see them doing that, as they have adapted in the past to individual employee concerns.

You got any links to the data you found you could share BnM?
Movies & TV / Re: SPOILER ALERT: MCU Thread (Livin' La Vida Loki)
« Last post by Stratos on Yesterday at 05:34:59 PM »
Especially knowing that the show will continue another season at least, I kinda wish we got more. More episodes of Loki and Mobius playing cop/detectives for a while. Maybe make that all of S1 and then the twist at the end of S1 is the full reveal that things are a farce at the TVA or some such thing, then let Loki go on the run a while and lead into the showdown at the void at the end of S2. This would give enough time for Loki to stew on his "Prime Life" and experience similar parallel character developments to Prime.

I have an idea for a story for this. How about if someone grabbed a heap of those pruning bombs/time bombs and set them all to travel to different points in time and detonate? They could have buddy copped around to explore and fixed that. I have a feeling I might have drawn inspiration from that idea from somewhere.....can't recall where though

Was this referenced earlier and I overlooked it? Or is this the premise of a different show?

I'm still in the #LokiLives camp for Prime Loki. Nothing shown in the show is a shoe-in for his life being over, just implied. And with all the other smoke and mirrors the MCU D+ shows and this one in particular have been throwing around I think that is still in the cards. They've teased the possibility with Classic Loki sharing the survivor story. The series could very well conclude with TVA Loki warning Prime Loki or taking his place to die at Thanos' hands or some other switch-a-roo so that story hasn't wrapped yet.

I was actually fully expecting Loki Prime to be the main man pulling the TVA strings. Would have been a very interesting twist if they could satisfactorily explain how he lived through the events of Infinity War.

The show explains how Prime Loki could have done it through how Classic Loki did the same thing but making it a big trick, just have the End/Void Loki be a variant that did the same trick and went through the TVA similar to ShowLoki. Have a fun twist by showing the TVA events with ShowLoki are just a repeat of events PrimeLoki went through before getting to the Void showing that multiple Lokis aside from Sylvie/ShowLoki chased all this TVA-Multiverse nonsense down to the root. The Many Loki Fight before could have been a fun foreshadowing of a bigger more serious conflict that would happen again in the Void.

However I think this Loki is done. I was actually happy when he was bumped off in Infinity War. I'm just getting tired of him. I was hoping he'd get killed off again at the end of this series.

If you want the Loki Prime death to follow through, make it where ShowLoki at the end of everything chooses to go back and allow himself to be killed by Thanos as some sort of sacrifice for the timeline or something. Make it an emotional twist ending of sorts.
So there was a leak I read this morning about there being a funeral scene for T'Challa in the new Black Panther movie wth is body in front of the Wakandan throne but now that I look again I can't find any reference to it.

Article also stated that Shuri and M'Baku may both be taking the mantle of Black Panther so we will see what comes of that.

While hunting for the article I read this morning I saw others pointing to Leticia Wright being recast as Shuri due to her old anti-vax tweets from last year coming back to bite her now. With how aggressive Disney has been with actor behavior online and off in the past (Cara Dune actress, Johnny Depp, and Director James Gunn) it sounds believable but we won't know for sure for a while more I suppose.

Found the article, never heard of this site before so probably need a lot of salt for this rumor.

Also looks like the sites reporting the LEticia Wright recast are all salt ridden places like
I got my preorder in. A lot of people were complaining about issues with the website about not allowing international shipment. It worked for me on the third time. Thankfully I got it in soon enough to get the "late 2021" version.
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