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It's not everyday you buy new games or beat them. Or feel the need to ask for help.

Most of my gaming is just playing four or five random games from my collection, slowly progressing through, level by level every day.

I think we need a thread to post random thoughts about games we just play.

Last evening i played:

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Still on Grandmaster Galaxy. I made an effort to collect all remaining stars but they weren't kidding with the very last level. Even if i stock up on some lives in the first level i still waste them on in segment with electric bars (switching from platforming to pointing action when you have to fly in space in the middle of this sequence is kinda disorienting) and last sequence with lots of turtles throwing crap at me. Also that last star coin in that level i think implies that to get it, i might need to try to save up cloud power up all the way from the beginning without getting any damage.

Rayman Origins

Steadily finishing up. This might be an issue with Wii controls (i use classic controller) but controls and physics feel somewhat even looser and floatier than before, after playing and getting the hang of Rayman Legends Challenge App. Might be because Rayman Legends tightened things up majorly or just playing with two different controllers make that much difference.

Rayman Legends Challenge App

As usual -- an hour or so to gather some silver cups, while watching (more like listening) cycling on tv.

Rhythm Paradise (Rhythm Heaven DS)

After i collected all 50 medals, game started giving perfect opportunities non-stop one after another. I still have 20 or something games not perfected. Some of them i never will i think (Moai Doo Whoop games... ugh). Guitar stuff that unlocks by the end is pretty cool. I hated guitars at first but once it clicked, i love it especially levels when you have to twang the strings with shoulder button. Sometimes i play "Rockers 2" just for no reason, cause i already perfected it long ago.

It's still kinda funny how weird scoring is in this game, getting "Super" (medal) is sometimes is much, much more challenging than "Perfect" ("Shooter", i'm looking at you).

Find Mii

It's my second 3DS, so i'm still on the first game. I beat it once, but from i remember second game unlocks only after second playthrough, so that's what i am doing. I'm in the last room.

It goes without saying that i freaking love all these games.

I am playing Skullgirls and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Mastering fighting games is a never ending process, y'know.

I've also been playing Saints Row 3 because I like funny games where you kill cops.

Super Metroid, (friggin' wall jump) Resident Evil Revelations (friggin' dodge) Serious Same BFE (friggin' lack of gonzo action so far)

Dow Jones:
Played some MH3 using Online for the first time ever tonight and that was fucking awesome!! I also try and play Find Mii as much as possible since I didn't know before last year's Anime Expo that it existed and how to use it. So much regret but I love it now.

I also play 90's Pool on my lunch breaks. Hahaha.

Marvel Pinball 3D is currently hogging most of my gaming (and sometimes non-gaming) time at the moment. I really enjoy the Blade and Fantastic Four tables.  My only complaint: who is this annoying Yoshidious guy who tops all my friend list scores by a healthy margin?

For a "real" game, I'm making good progress on Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.  Currently mid-way through chapter 4... but keep falling asleep while playing in bed.

Finally, I'm still working through Ys Book I & II on Wii Virtual Console after having started during the RFN retroactive, and have recently finished the Burnland section.  This gives an idea of how little TV time I get for gaming - unless you count Disney Princess games or Dog Island with my young daughter.


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