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What is your most recent gaming purchase?

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Recently heard about the Senna Forever DLC coming to Horizon Chase Turbo so gave the already available Summer Vibes a go.

The Outrun style car handles pretty nicely & the unlockable skins change the drivers too. Black car gives you my fav, the Miami Vice duo.

Latest months felt like "old consoles refurbishing season".

I got encouraged with easy it turned out to "fix" some of my gaming hardware and got a bit carried away...

I've been doing repairs on my gaming hardware here and there before that but nothing more than simply replacing batteries on 3DS and Wii U gamepad. Original gamepad battery swole up so much it even bent the back cover. I think i got scammed a bit on gamepad battery because it claimed to be additional capacity but i doesn't really holds a charge past 1 hour. Ah well, i mostly use the Gamepad in bed anyway and at least it works now.

The drift on the left joy-con stick has gone so bad it started scrolling up-down in menus. The problem became impossible to ignore so i finally decided to fix it. I bought joy-con stick replacements a while ago, and now years later i finally did it. It was rather fussy with all tiny wires inside -- but all you need is a screwdriver which usually comes together with the stick replacement set and a steady hand.

Encouraged with these replacements, i started doing my own "repairs" on other gaming hardware i have. Ol' reliable white Wii U started making weird sounds so i bought a replacement fan for it and replaced it myself. Again -- only thing one really needs is a screwdriver and access to Youtube for some tutorials.

Xbox 360 became really noisy i was considering to replace fan on it but got discouraged watching videos on how to do it properly -- Microsoft really made these things like a puzzle box -- you need some kind of metal stripe to open them properly. Ultimately i just gave the thing to a local repairman and he fixed the noise by taking it apart and oiling it AND he fixed the drift stick on the controller too.

Rubber piece on 3DS nub came off while i was playing Luigi Mansion 2, all these tugging motions really wore it down. Plastic nub under it fell apart too. I could still use the stub but it became even more uncomfortable than beofre. Bought the replacement, and put it in myself. Replacement nub is a tad smaller than the original one but it works okay.

Yay! That's Wii U, 360, and 3DS now brought back!

Next was Nintendo DS Lite. Usual problems -- shoulder triggers stopped working. Watching Youtube videos showed it should be easy enough to fix if a bit more invasive: i had to open up the microswitch under the triggers, take out a tiny metal disc inside it and clean it from rust (of whatever it is that collects on contacts). It was a bit more fussy and scary than usual but i still managed. The problem was when i put it back together i mixed up screws and pierced the plastic near the d-pad and i broke the plastic thing that connects to power switch on the right. Screw thing isn't really a problem but power switch is a huge bummer. I can still turn DS Lite on if use a pin or needle but it is such a hassle. Also d-pad buttons became unresponsive too.

I ordered a replacement for the power switch and will look into ways how to find a guy who can soldier it in or find ways to do it myself -- and clean d-pad contacts while at it.

At least this whole ordeal inspired me to use some of these consoles more and i actually finished some of the games there -- namely Samus Returns on 3DS and Super Metroid on Wii U VC.

My most recent gaming purchase was on the 1st and I got Sonic Mania for the Switch on sale of 19.99 at my local Super Target.  Have'nt played it yet but I was excited for all the reviews at launch and the extra content.

Before that I got a Physical form of NBA 2K22 just before the NBA season started. 

I like the Lakers and just tinkering with different lineups  and how it is different from NB2K20.   

Now before you ask I rarely get VC for progression.   I have a system of having having two files of My League with both being the Lakers and one is current injuries and the other fully healthy.  Injury file I have the CPU play against itself for 3 quarters and depending on the circumstances I take control of the Lakers and play and control the rotations.  I get 1100 VC per game and I build that up to use on MyCareer file to get better.

For the healthy Lakers squad I play ahead of the games in the actual NBA schedule just to try and predict how the IRL Lakers team would preform in upcoming games.

Those are my recent game purchases.

While walking around in the book store i found Russian translation of Volume 4 of Floran Gorge's "History of Nintendo", the one about Gameboy.

I already bought first 2 volumes in English and while content-wise they were great -- binding on those was super filmsy, it started to fall apart right in my hands as i was reading it.

This Russian edition already feels way more robust so there is that at least, but reading reviews i found complaints about bad translation? Whatever i just want the full set. Volume 3 was sold out in that store but i set up alerts if they restock it.

My "fixing old hardware" saga is finishing up -- local repairsman replaced power switch on my DS Lite and cleaned the contacts on d-pad. Not as thoroughly as i hoped -- i had to open the thing again and reclean contacts but being clumsy me bungled it again and kinda broke the wifi wire inside and R-shoulder button stopped working again. Messed around with it for most of the day but got R shoulder button working but i suspect DS Lite is living on borrowed time i guess i really need to finish some GBA and DS games on it.

Among those -- Metroid Fusion cart i bought way back. Apparently battery on it died so the game wasn't saving so i looked up how replace batteries on GBA cart and bought new coin battery and did it myself. The correct way would be to resoldier battery properly, but i just made do with a screwdriver and a scotch tape -- took me several retries mashing A through Metroid Fusion intro (these cutscenes are WAY too long!) to figure out the correct position of the battery -- but now it works.

I also bought Metroid Zero Mission on Wii U and Metroid Dread so now i am primed to play all games in the series.

On my two most recent Target runs I picked up Sonic Mania and Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition.  Both were $19.99 each.  Unopened at the moment but both have been on my Switch wishlist for a while.


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