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Anybody else looking forward to TMNT game?

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Oni Link:
I actually can't wait until it comes out. I havent heard much about it though. Does anyone know if its a beat um up game or a 1 on 1 fighting game.

Word on the streets says you can get the Zelda bonus disc today.Retailers have had them for days.  Web retailers like and have already shipped.
We've received an internal e-mail from a "well known retail chain" employee that gave them the green light to distribute the discs now.
Stores in on the deal are currently breaking the release date for the Zelda bonus disc.  Call your local retailer to see if you can get your pre-order bonus early!

The video game is based on the new cartoons. You can find info on the new cartoon at The Official TMNT Web Site.

I hope the game is a beat um up type of game.  

Hell. Yes. I remember all the good times I've had playing TMNT games on the NES and the SNES, so I hope this one lives up to those games.

Man, does this bring back memories.  Kudos to anybody who knows Splinter and Shredder's real names...  And yes, I still remember them.  I need a life.  Badly.

But back to the game, I hope it's not a Street Fighter clone.  The GC controller just isn't suited to that style of gaming.  If I were designing the game, I would make it cel-shaded, obviously.  It would be third person, with gameplay similar to Devil May Cry - high on visual flair, emphasis on action, but without all the gothic imagery.  It should try and capture the cartoon's action sequences.  Probably have to limit it to single player, and cut out a lot of the explicit violence to keep it a Teen rating.

The missions would be laid out in a storyline sequence.  Kill the Foot Clan in this neighborhood, rescue April from Mousers, etc.  All of it culminating with a boss battle against Shredder at the end.

Konami is sitting on a gold mine of nostalgia in TMNT.  If they can capture both the younger market who is watching the new cartoons and the older demographic who remembers with fondness Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Raphael...  They could make millions.


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