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Eh, why not resurrect this briefly? The topic for February 8 (besides bringing back Topic of the Day itself) is the Community Event for February that is all about the forums and giving them a booster shot of activity. You can read about the event at the link or go to General Gaming. In line with the event, I thought I'd bring back Topic of the Day for at least the rest of February as an aid and assist to those taking part and trying to reach the necessary post count for the month.

And even if you aren't participating in the event to create more posts, you may want to stop in a bit to see what develops and maybe add a post or two of your own anyways to show you still like stopping by here. Let's see what this internet classic can still do!

Feb. 9 - The big topic today is obviously the fact that a Nintendo Direct is happening today! Time to start getting hyped for 2022 and the debut of Morphy's Law 2. ;) However, as a public service announcement for you armchair Nintendo CEO's, the deadline is here for making your predictions of what Nintendo's 2022 (and/or beyond) will look like. Get those predictions in before the Direct debuts! That makes this a 2 for 1 Topic of the Day!

Feb. 10 - Well, a lot of possible topics to choose from after a Direct. But let's go with a title that looks to be an early highlight for the Switch's 2022. Kirby and the Forgotten Land. That's the thread for the topic in Console Discussion. This is the Talkback thread for the revealed new moves in the latest trailer. While the land may be forgotten, we won't forget you, Kirby! Topic of the day.

Feb. 11 - Quite a few choices but I guess I'll go with the good ol' topic of NPD Sales Data since some of the other topic choices are of a more evergreen nature and can probably select them later. Such a shame. After so many months of Switch being the best selling system but never having the number one software title for a month, it finally gets the top spot in software only to fall to the bottom in hardware. Are we ever going to see a Sales Party again instead of always Sales Panic? Topic.... OF THE DAY!!

Weekend Reading!

The Topic of the Day or Weekend is a topic that hasn't seen much activity in awhile but I think may about to become a little more active. The NFL Discussion Thread. With the Super Bowl happening tomorrow, it seems like this will be the timely topic for the weekend.

Other topics of interest:

If you are looking for something to play instead of posting on this forum then SHAME ON YOU!! >:(  But I'll still try to help you out by highlighting some games recently released on the Switch eShop this week which were positively received by NWR staff. Games with a pretty positive score this week are:

Infernax which hacked and slashed its way to a very respectable score of 9.0.

Managing to pull off a fine score of 8.5 is Welcome to Elk!.

Of course, a game is more than just a review score so do try to check out the articles to see what is appealing about those titles and if they might appeal to you also.

As always, you may want to check in and let us know what you are playing or the latest game you've just beat. (Or maybe even do a Reader Review about a game and possibly have that become a Topic of the Day. :o )

Otherwise, you can always just post about what's happening in your life these days and/or see what's happening with other forum users.


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