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Metroid Dread

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I saw this game listed on and couple of other sites too. How come it wasnt mentioned? The page for it on GI is down right now btw.

Disappointingly, Metroid Dread was a no-show.

Metroid Hunters this Summer, Metroid Pinball Q4...Dread for next fall? They said the series director (of 2d Metroid adventures) was busy thinking of cool gameplay ideas for the DS hardware...

Fair enough. Wonder if they'll preserve the full sprite look if it, or incorporate polygons into the level and Samus designs...I'm sure it will look tremendously smooth tho, one of the DS' great strengths thus far.

Kind of off topic, but was this the only game not shown that was in the infamous GI article?

Sadly this was the game off that list I wanted to see the most. Wasn't it listed for the GBA anyway, that would kind of negate the idea of the director looking at the DS hardware.

*EDIT: OK, just checked and there was another game that didn't show Nintendo Tetris. Kind of funny considering that was another game I was looking foward to seeing. Yes I like Tetris that much. Also I was wrong about Dread being for the GBA, it is listed for DS.*

Bill Aurion:
Personally it sounds like someone (1up?) has the exclusive on the game...Perhaps the same is for Ninty Tetris as well...


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