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Mafia 87: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town. Year 2.

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Mop it up did not like the sudden influx of new people moving into Shady Village. Having lived in the village her whole life and having gone through its infamous Mafia Town period, she now distrusted everyone new and as well as some of the other longtime residents whom she suspected as having collaborated with that early villainous element. If the mayor wasn’t going to do anything about it then she was. Thus, she began a campaign of trying to alienate all those in town and make life difficult for them in the hopes they would leave.

She definitely succeeded in alienating the people (her suddenly flipping off the mayor every time she saw him was a real shock to his system) but it didn’t cause the citizens to leave. Instead, some of the citizens decided they had taken enough abuse from Mop it up and swayed others to gather up their pitchforks and march down to Mop it up’s property to confront her. Mop it up heard the growing din of the crowd coming to see her and looked out her windows. She saw the people march over her prized purple pansies and pink dahlias, trampling them under their boots. This caused her to fly in a rage. She began looking for a weapon to use to attack the crowd with.

As the crowd chanted for her to go, she stormed out to meet them and said “If I have to leave this place then I’m taking some of you with me!” It seems that Mop it up decided to take on the strategy of a suicide bomber and she jumped towards the crowd with some lit sticks of dynamite. The people began to scatter but there was hardly any time to get away as some large explosions suddenly filled the air of Shady Village. The end result is that Mop it up took out 8 other people with her.

Or at least that’s how Mop it up imagined it playing out in her mind. Unfortunately, the rage caused by the trampling of her flowers caused her to have a stroke as she was getting ready to confront the mob. She collapsed to the ground from the heart attack after coming out to face the mob dropping the lit candlesticks she had been carrying with her. Her mind and eyesight were also failing her at this time of her life which usually happens for someone who has just turned 28 in Shady Village. The sudden death of Mop it up was a shock to the crowd and they left mostly subdued and saddened that their behavior had caused the death of an old lady. Even if she had been ornery and crotchety to all she met, Mop it up was just a regular old townie and didn’t deserve to be killed for it.

Meanwhile, one winter’s night over at Joja Mart, pokepal148, who was the GM of the Shady Village franchise, was getting ready to close up for the day. He had been working hard at trying to get lettuce to stick to the heads of different types of cats but wasn’t having much success as they kept finding ways to shake it off and remove it.

Suddenly, a shadowy figure entered the store.

(I will finish writing this up later after work)

Announcement Post
Previous Year’s Results:


Mop it up – Regular Townie (Killed by Vote)
Pokepal148 – Townie Doctor (Killed by Mafia)

Meanwhile, Jamie has chosen to think about the two offers of love for now. They’re still on the table for Jamie to accept but for now the window is open for someone else to possibly come along and wow Jamie instead.

(Also, it hit me after I ended the Day 1 thread that I should have called it Year 1 thread as going by years is a better fit for a Harvest Moon game so Day threads are now Year threads. And not just because they feel like they last as long as a year.

Voting Time: For Day 2, the Day Thread will be open for a maximum of just about 50 hours. Voting will end and the thread will close at Noon EST Nov. 21 aka 9:00 AM PST Nov. 21 aka Midnight Perth Time Nov. 22. However, the thread and Day could end earlier if a Majority Vote is reached.

Majority Vote: There are currently 14 players still alive in this game meaning 8 votes would be needed to achieve a Majority Vote.

Today's Harvest Moon Musical Selection: Heart Event Theme - Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands.

Goods For Your Farm

Here is the current list of available goods after all the selections from Year 1.

Current Available Selections for Players

As we enter our 5th 12 hour period, the following players have 5 selections they can make from the “Goods for your Farm” list if they wish to do so:


The following players can make 4 selections from the list:


The following players can make 3 selections from the list:


The following players can make 2 selections from the list:

Luigi Dude

The following players can make 1 selection from the list:


That’s all the current details I need to cover for now. The game is back on!

I will start my second harvest with Honey Dew Melon.  So sweet and tasty while also being a nice compliment for various drinks.


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