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Mafia 87: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town. Year 1.

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Look at how Gold my name is on the front page of the forums under upcoming birthdays (and not on the actual page because I guess insanolord doesn't know how to write forum software ;)).

That is because we here at Joja Mart want to get off on the right foot with all of our new friends in [insert new town name here] and set a gold standard for you all to show how excited we are to serve our new community of [insert new town name here]. It certainly has nothing to do with all the gold we plan on making exploiting this town dry with the power of capitalism. Nope. Not at all!

As a show of good faith I have acquired this lovely white cat from the local Khushrenada pet adoption agency. I think I'll name her Snowball. This shows that I'm a kind soul who has the best interests of this town in mind and in absolutely no way implies that I have some kind of nefarious purposes in mind. Isn't that right Snowball?


I will claim sunflowers as those are my faves.

I could sell you sunflowers for half of the price that loser Khushrenada is offering them for. I bet he works for Pierre's or something. This is why you should all shop at Joja Mart instead. Let this be a lesson for all of you!

How could I not grow racoons? Such an exotic animal!


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