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If you are dead but still feel the need to make a non-spoilery and non-influencing comment then here is the spot for you! You can enjoy being captured here in E. Gadd's vault with the rest of your fellow victims.

I should have known better than to start a no vote bandwagon.  But if I were still playing I'd vote out all the people who originally bandwagon voted out Mop It Up. Luigi Dude, Stratos, Beautifulshy, Luigi Dude.

If I were to guess who the Killer is, it's probably Nickmitch. I don't have anything to back this up. Just a feeling.


I specifically said non-influency (I'm making up a word here because I the sound of it) comments..... Telling people who'd you be targeting and why if you were still playing or who you think is a specific role are things I wonder consider as sort of trying to influence the game. However, I'm going to leave it for a certain reason which I will elaborate on after the game is over and if anyone still cares about finding out why.

Just try and keep things general if you end up here, people.

It would be influency if I knew anything. I have no idea who the mafia is.  This is color commentary.

When John Madden says what Brett Favre should be doing it's not influency. I'd be in the same position if I was just a random forumer commenting having read the thread.

I wasn't the magician or the detective, I never used my killer power, and I made two inane pointless comments before my badwagon vote comment, which was simply a restating of the rules. I never talked to anyone in private messages.
I wouldn't be interested to do that till today, but I'm dead.

But we'll see how well I nailed it.  Even more interesting that you commented on it. Because I could do some commentary on your commentary of my commentary.

But since they killed me. I'm rooting against the Mafia. GO TOWNIES!



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