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NWR Gaming Stream Party!!!

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Yeah, I think that's why it took me so long to get into streaming and Twitch in general, because the UI and just the site in general are so overwhelming. Heck, they still are to me! I just find people to watch from recommendations from my friends, particularly LGBTQIA+ streamers. I appreciate you checking out my stream, and thankfully it was fun for the whole time! :D

I'm going to stream again starting tonight at 7 PM CST. Going to go through a dungeon in Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World that I will find obnoxious, so I could use the company. haha

Perhaps an obvious one, but NWR has a streaming presence too.

They're going live 30 minutes before today's E3 Direct, and are streaming the whole thing. Should be a good time!

Going to go on a virtual vacation (since I can't afford the real thing) this evening at 8 PM CST with some Go Vacation on the Switch!
I'm approaching affiliate status, any extra eyes I can get on my stream will be much appreciated!

FOOOOOOOORE! Going to play/stream some Mario Golf: Super Rush in about 20 minutes on Twitch.
I'll be doing a couple practice rounds and then will dive into Golf Adventure.


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