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Unreal 5 - Meta Humans Demo

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The newest technology with the unreal engine is really shaping up.

I can't wait to see the polar bear model.

I'll believe any of this when developers actually manage to make a decent game with that tech without the framerate running in the single digits and without bankrupting the company, especially considering this industry's obsession with open world games.

We might be almost there. Whatever recent technological breakthrough they had with unlimited polygons could really make a difference...but then again a single polygon is something like 32 bits of data. More detail means bigger file sizes. You might have games that are 2 terabytes that look amazing, but that'll be the only game you can have on your hard drive.

I mean it's not like games weren't already becoming bloated in terms of file size.

Is the immediate market for this really in gaming, or is this another product they're also side-eyeing the vfx/movie industry with, like those realtime backgrounds for the Baby Yoda show? Looks impressive I guess, even if you need a Starship Enterprise to run it.


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