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I for one welcome the glorious return of overconfident E3 2006 Sony.

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>Even than, the whole digital cards thing is something basically everyone wins on.

Not Sony.  They have to give a cut to the retailer, a cut to the manufacturer of the cards, and a cut to FASTCard for processing the transaction and activating the code.

Now, they don't.

That's still probably a better deal than manufacturing discs and cases for games.

a 512 gb mini sd card is 70 bucks. By the time PS5 comes out cartridges will become standard again. **** downloading anything. Though if I had my choice, I'd make the games the size of 3.5 inch floppy discs. I'd give them real tacky holographic labels.


(Sony doesn't have an archive up yet, so you have to hunt through the stream for the 20 minutes of show)

...WTF was that, Sony (Sony's 1st State of Play episode...aka PlayStation Direct)? -_-

That was awful. No new (worthwhile, non-VR) games, and mostly trailers we've already seen with no dev. interviews or in-depth looks. That was completely pointless.


--- Quote from: pokepal148 on March 23, 2019, 04:29:33 PM ---That's still probably a better deal than manufacturing discs and cases for games.

--- End quote ---

Sure, but that's virtually a requirement of distributing physical media - and while I believe Sony would love to stop that, it's not really a feasible action in today's market.

Killing in-store download codes and telling people to use their card online or buy stored-value cards is, for the vast majority of people, perfectly fine.


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