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The Great Video Game Server and Services Shutdown Watch.

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Not only did we mostly lose the Wii Shop Channel but we also lost online gameplay for Warhawk, Twisted Metal, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, and Sound Shapes thanks to Sony shutting down the servers.

I always wanted to play Warhawk but when I got a PS3 I was under the impression that the servers were already gone. I only found out they were still running when Sony announced they were shutting them down.

In a way, it's actually kind of amazing that Sony has kept PS3 servers online this long.  You hear stories of the limitations older consoles have on the online services they want to offer due to how the legacy systems are tied to it.  I suspect with February being the last month they offer games for the console on PS+ and the rumors churning about a possible PS5 announcement coming sooner than later, that we're not far from it. 

And in a way, Nintendo going first has given implicit permission for Sony/Microsoft to follow suit on how they did it - cutting the cord and offering people no way to re-download their games. 

Microsoft is the one currently poised to have the most user friendly approach to this given how they're handling backwards compatibility (and even reviving servers for some of the xbox 360 games).  Interviews with Phil Spencer have shown they're likely to be the first of the big three to be all-in on game streaming, too, so they have an incentive to have that approach.

This is good. When games become scarce they pass into legend. See also: PT.

May 30th Bandai-Namco will shut down their free-to-play experiment Lost Reavers on Wii U. Microtransactions are possible until March 28th, after which you have 2 more months to enjoy whatever you purchased I guess.

Did anyone play this here ever? I might give it a go next month or in April before servers close down, maybe someone wants to join?

I played a little bit of lost reavers. As little as could be played.


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