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Huawei Phone Diplomacy: "Extremely Bad in Nature"

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BranDonk Kong:
Well to be fair to Huawei, the phone is much more powerful than the Switch. The Snapdragon 845 has had the Tegra X1 beat for a while - especially considering the Switch's downclocked CPU and GPU. Hell, the Snapdragon 835 most likely outperforms the Switch as well. Having said that, it will never have the games that the Switch has (except Fortnite), so it doesn't even matter.


--- Quote from: oohhboy on October 20, 2018, 06:27:09 AM ---I am still running with my iPhone 5s and it is a tank.

--- End quote ---
I've stuck with the BlackBerry Priv myself. I should probably get the battery replaced on it but overall it's in really good condition. The volume keys died on it a while back but I got around that by mapping the right shift and $ keys on the keyboard to control the volume. Whenever I get the battery replaced i'll probably try to get that fixed though. I picked up a relatively slim case for it that adds a kickstand.

There's also something really amusing about having a phone with a sliding keyboard in a day and age where a certain other fruit company can't seem to find the room to put a headphone jack on their phone because they had the courage to sell us dongles instead.

Hey Khush, can we get this cell phone tangent split off into it's own thing?

I am not going to give Huawei the benefit of doubt. It is 100% a marketing coattail. You see this kind of garbage all the time where they will associate themselves to a successful product via name drop. Meat for the press and investors to obfuscate that it's just another phone just like the last one.

A video game variant would be "XYZ game killer". Think of how many of those actually matched that boast. I can't think of one, if anything they all failed. "$1000 phone is a Switch killer!!", yeah and I am the Queen.

There is a cellphone thread somewhere, if it is not worth bumping you could dump it into the Apple thread...


--- Quote from: pokepal148 on October 20, 2018, 06:25:19 PM ---Hey Khush, can we get this cell phone tangent split off into it's own thing?

--- End quote ---

What do you want it called? Reggie should get first crack at the name since he started this tangent.

King of Twitch:
I would've put it in a console wars thread but I don't know where to find the things


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