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Huawei Phone Diplomacy: "Extremely Bad in Nature"

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King of Twitch:
Our **HUGHH-WAAYY** saga just turned into the next Splinter Cell plotline:

--- Quote ---A top executive of China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd who is under arrest in Canada is set to appear in a Vancouver court on Friday for a bail hearing as she awaits possible extradition to the United States...The arrest, revealed by Canadian authorities late on Wednesday, was part of a U.S. investigation into an alleged scheme to use the global banking system to evade U.S. sanctions against Iran, people familiar with the probe told Reuters.
--- End quote ---

"Somehow" this one company is so important that it's mentioned in the same breath as the ongoing US/Chinese diplomatic efforts:

--- Quote ---The news roiled global stock markets on fears the move could escalate a trade war between the United States and China after a truce was agreed on Saturday between President Donald Trump and Xi Jinping in Argentina.

Trump did not know about the arrest in advance, two U.S. officials said on Thursday, in an apparent attempt to stop the incident from impeding talks to resolve the trade dispute.
--- End quote ---

As Oohboy said, the company (and anything connected to that government) can't be trusted:

--- Quote ---Huawei, which employs about 1,000 people in Canada, faces intense scrutiny from many Western nations over its ties to the Chinese government, driven by concerns it could be used by Beijing for spying.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Ms Meng is the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, who was formerly in the People's Liberation Army. (

--- End quote ---

Short summary: the US and the axis of despots (Russia, China, etc) try to maintain nice-ish relations under the fig leaf of "business" deals. The AOD uses the business deals to maintain control and attack US interests/support their allies. If caught, the US throws their minions in the clink while letting the big fish walk; then the US uses the business deal as some sort of foreign policy success.

King of Twitch:

Next cutscene in Splinter Cell: Huawei Five-Oh: China summons its US ambassador in protest.

--- Quote ---The minister said U.S. actions have violated the “legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and are extremely bad in nature,” according to a posting on the ministry website.
--- End quote ---

Sounds like a forum bot wrote that.  ;D

Other articles on this subject can be found by scrolling down that article, but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on what to do next.

There isn't any big mystery as to the next steps. She is having her bail hearing(LOL 7 Passports) then extradition hearing. After that it's a straight trial. She technically isn't getting hit for the Iranian sanctions and more that she committed bank fraud and lied about her involvement with the companies. The fallout on the other hand is something else.

China is throwing up less obvious roadblocks by getting potentially relevant employees/witnesses out of the country.

China diplomacy is a cursed bingo card that bingos every time. Vague barely concealed threats. Victim blaming. False equivalences. 110% lies. "Rule of Law/Human Right'. Police brutality. 5000years. Inalienable. etc, etc. Every bit of anti-diplomacy you can think of it's has been used or they are willing if they could. It's funny reading it a couple of times, then it gets to the point where yeah, they believe in this garbage and you're staring into the void.

This is going to be a better BBQ than a Lithium battery fire.

Well Huawei apparently got hit with a bunch of fun stuff including being prohibited from using Android because the US signed an executive order prohibiting companies from doing business with them. They have their own Operating System that they've basically had in the backburnner in case this happens but the blacklist likely means that things like Facebook and Instagram won't be able to have Apps for it.


about that Huawei OS...


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