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What is the best way to do a screen capture?

I just use the Snipping Tool, but you could probably do the Print Screen trick and paste that into an image editing program. That way you can take a screenshot while the game is in action instead of having to do a still image with the Snipping Tool.

Oh sorry, I was meaning video capture. For screen capture I just press print screen and clean up in photoshop.

I wish I had a better computer. My computer can't really handle real time lighting. I usually run my tests without shadows.

oddly i just noticed the shelf wasn't on the ground.

I'm doing my RPG, Legends of Adrigal, for my senior overview project. While passing time this morning, I concocted a logo for the game! Note: I don't have the best design know-how, so please be gentle with your commentary!

Not a design person either Phil, but if possible I would move the 'E' in 'Legends' just slightly to the right. It's kinda annoying that it's not centered with the sword, especially because the 'I' below it is centered perfectly.


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