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So what do you do with an Xbox One?

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So in the other Xbox thread I mentioned that Gamestop was closing all its stores in Puerto Rico. In the ensuing firesale the one thing the stores had trouble getting rid of were Xbox One/360 hardware/software. I managed to snag a refurbished Xbox One for less than $150.

Now, this is strictly going to be a third console. It's mostly going to play Rare Replay, Cuphead and Sunset Overdrive. But in the off-chance I want to play more exclusive first party games (the PS4 will the multiplatform system), what do I get? I'm not really interested in Halo, I don't think I want to tackle Ori and the Blind Forest and I'm not even sure I want Forza now that I have Project CARS. I don't think I even want to pay for Xbox Live Gold unless someone can sell me on Games with Gold. Is there anything beside Scalebound to look forward to? Any console-exclusive indies I should look forward to?

If you didn't have a 360, make sure to check out what's available for backward compatibility. You can't buy it straight on the Xbox One, but you can buy it through the web store and then download it. Apart from that, given what you mentioned, I'm not sure I have a great answer to your question, since even though I play mine a ton, it's usually stuff that can be had elsewhere or stuff you already addressed. The indie scene on the system isn't that good at the moment, nothing even remotely close to the heyday or Xbox Live Arcade on 360.

There's an update coming to fix that 360 game visibility issue, too.

Before reading the thread, my answer was going to be "Play Cobra Triangle until you wish Flanders was dead" and Sunset Overdrive, but you've got that covered. I know they have Below as a console exclusive for a bit, but the only thing I know about that game is that it's been in development for-freaking-ever.

I am also thinking about maybe getting an Xbox one. Partly for the Rare Replay, partly for the ultimate Halo HD experience or whatever it was called, and just because I have never owned any Xbox previously and this one just seems to be more interesting to me than the last two for some reason.

The Master Chief collection is a must-have (**** halo 5)
and Halo Reach (beautiful game and would be in my top ten fav games)
Does the Xbox even have any exclusive games other then Halo?


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