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--- Quote from: Mr. Bungle on March 30, 2021, 01:10:17 PM ---I really miss the wishlist in the store. I had a list of a dozen games I planned to get and they are gone. I can only remember half of them. I need to pick up a game or two on vita before it's too late.

--- End quote ---

I really don't understand why they redesigned that storefront to REMOVE functionality. Along with Wishlisting, they also removed categories, the ability to filter games, and the demo section of the store in general, which got especially strange when games like RE8 and Ys 9 got demos after the change.

Ian Sane:
I heard the rumours about the PS3 store going down so my brother and I were spending a good part of the weekend downloading patches for all of our physical releases.  We only recently started living in the same house again so we had amassed independent PS3 collections over the years.  So I was going through a stack of his games downloading the most recent patches on the off-chance I might play his games someday and he was doing the same with mine.

Meanwhile I had bought some huge Capcom Humble Bundle years ago and had downloaded and installed a few of the key games I was interested in but had not downloaded a good 8 or 9 games because I was running low on hard drive space.  I had demos I didn't need anymore that I could delete but that was not a time sensitive job so I kept putting it off.  I also wouldn't have enough room for all the games anyway so I assumed I would have to upgrade the hard drive.  Well I deleted the demos on Saturday and started downloading the remaining games, often over night so as to not affect any internet performance for the rest of the family.  The lack of space was resolved by installing some of the biggest games on my brother's PS3 since he has a bigger hard drive and now that we're in the same house it really doesn't matter which PS3 "my" game is on.

Of course now it turns out you can re-download stuff so presumably this was all unnecessary.  Well, it still got me off my butt to do something I had literally put off for years so it wasn't a total waste.

Consoles with battery clocks should have a window to open and replace them.

Score one for the Sega Saturn. The system had built in storage, and external storage, and you could replace the battery.
Too bad I only ever play the system around the time the battery died. But it's usually a fun weekend playing Nights again.


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