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Mafia XXXI: Phony Day 1.

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Mayor Khushrenada woke up feeling a bit groggy.  "Maybe I shouldn't have had all of that rum with Kapp'n last night," he groaned, as he fell off the side of the bed.  "Oh, today is the beginning of the trials.  I guess I should go ahead and tell everyone it has begun."  Grabbing his favorite top hat from the rack, Mayor Khushrenada made a mad dash to the grounds in front of the Town Hall.  Surprisingly, no one was there.  "Looks like I am going to have to leave them their messages on the bulletin board," he mumbled.  "Hey, wait a second, what's this?  Could it be a message from one of the Mafia?"



The Mayor ripped the vulgar message off and entered in his own message to the townfolk...

"Good morning, I hope you all slept well!  Actually, I guess that is kinda impossible with everything that is going on...But no worries: I've had Booker lock the gate, so there's absolutely no way for the enemy to escape.  However, the rest is up to all of you!  Good luck, and may the best deducer or deceiver win...Oh, right, I'll be closing the polls at Midnight EST..."   


Hey there good citizens! Everyday I'll let you good players know what's what with my little announcement post. I'll let you know who hasn't voted yet and is in danger of getting killed by inactivity, I'll re-iterate who died, who they were and how they died along with any other announcements I see fit to make.

As mentioned in the Player List/Rule thread, I'm going back to old school rules. The day vote will end Midnight Est and this thread will be locked to prevent late vote changing. This also means that the next day won't start until around 10 AM EST time. However, it does mean you have a lot of time to send in your night actions. They won't be due until 9 am EST. Should be interesting to see how we do playing things classic style again.

I think that's all for today so welcome to the City.

Just for my reference:
Day Ends: 0000 EST/0500 GMT.
Day Begins: 1000 EST/1500 GMT

I just thought I would let everybody know that I'm going asleep and I probably won't be on in the morning.
So be patient with me when you send PM's.

I've tried to better explain the roles and hopefully make it simpler to figure them out. Just some quick things to note. Bianca has been cut. Death and Sable will appear as their role if investigated. Death is the only who can kill Cube and the Bomber's Assistant and still live. K.K. Slider can kill Death and live. Death's night action is due an hour after voting closes or 1:00 AM EST. Otherwise, he will not get an action. He is only under this time limit until Sable dies. If that should happen, he's action will not be due until 7:00 AM EST like all other night actions. That should be about it.


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