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Title: Mafia LXXXIX: Resident Evil Neighborizer Remake Players List.
Post by: BeautifulShy on April 21, 2022, 12:37:09 AM
These are the currently alive player list.

I will note who is dead and their role once they are fully dead via hit or vote out down below

Mop it up
Luigi Dude


MASB- Normal townie Night 1 Organization hit.
Insanolord- Day 1 vote out.
Nickmitch- Day 2 tie breaked player. Normal townie
Khushrenada- Townie Encryptor.  Ashford Hit on Night 2
The Perm- Organization Goon voted out Day 3
Bungle4-  Wesker of the Organization Mafia was voted out Day 4
stevey-  Osmond Sadler and newly GF who could have role blocked and hit someone on Night 5.