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RE:1up Speaking Up: Us vs Wii
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Originally posted by: wandering

I pretty much agree with this. Maybe those of you who like the name really do but it's hard to believe that because of past occurances. The problem is that EVERY TIME Nintendo does something questionable the same people rush to defend it. It doesn't matter what Nintendo does, it's seen as genius. When we all finally figured out that the Cube was offline their were people that defended it. It wasn't even that they felt it wouldn't matter. They thought it was a GOOD IDEA. They quoted Nintendo's bullsh!t reasoning for it word for word. There are people here who still defend cartridges for the N64. There are fans that never EVER disagree with anything Nintendo does. And they always use the same lame canned responses that Nintendo execs use, as if they work for the company or something.

True. But then there's the flipside: Nintendo fans who love what Nintendo has done in the past but hate every single new whacky idea Nintendo announces.  People who scream, to quote Rumsfeld, henny-penny the sky is falling every time Nintendo announces something new. People who feel personally betrayed by each change in Nintendo's direction. From the N64 controller, to 3d Zelda, to 3d metroid, to the revolution controller, on and on. But then, when Nintendo shows something like Twilight Princess for the first time, people get emotional: finally, Nitnendo is doing something safe and expected! This is the happiest day of my life!

Really, the only time it's worth talking about Nintendo is when we have a finished Nintendo product in our hands, and are relating how we feel about it. But then, there's really nothing to say except to note how amazing it is, and what minor nit-picks we have.

It'd probably be better if we just stopped talking about Nintendo altogether.



I was thinking the same thing
..:    I just noticed WTF is FTW backwords. Sometimes when you think things are going bad, they suddenly turn around. Much like this thread. For the win.  :.   MJRx9000