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Mafia LXXXVII: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town Sign-up Thread.

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Woo! Welcome back.

Well, we seem to be stuck at 14 players and just short of the 16 I'm looking for and I'm running out of people to pester about playing...

Mission Accomplished. We have 16 players. As a little bit of notice, this game will start tomorrow. Hopefully that works for the majority of you. I was hoping we might be able to play this so that it ends  just before Thanksgiving in the US but it may occur during it if Game Days to end up taking the maximum amount of time with no Majority Vote action.

That role thread is looking pretty basic and simple. Would like one more role added to spice things up a bit?

Me! That's who.

What time are you planning to have it go live? Don't want it to slip under the radar for me.


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