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Today is my 9-year anniversary on NWR.

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Congrats Phil, happy to have you around!

--- Quote from: ThePerm on June 09, 2021, 10:16:10 PM ---In the oldest version of the forums I told everyone I was a swamp creature made of broccoli. I rememeber I uploaded a drawing of my character and then they took our ability to post pictures away. We had to cater to dial up speeds back then.
--- End quote ---

Lmao this is great.

Does anyone remember the MEGATON thread I want to say in 2003 or 2004 in the Planet Gamecube days?

I think my first posts were in there under a different account. I think I picked a really generic user name to post under.  Something like NintendoFan80 or something like that.

I think after a few posts I left and lurked on Gamefaqs, Go Nintendo and VG Chartz before coming back here in 2008 under my Maxi moniker before leaving in 2011 for 5 years and then coming back here under my BeautifulShy name in 2016. Been here since. 

Megaton was all the rage.

Wasn't Megaton a banned work and was censored on the forum? Also Celda was banned due to the nerd rage over Wind Waker art style.

That I don't remember for sure. The biggest action was probably just closing some threads that got too heated.

Witnessing The Wind Waker for the first time was pretty nifty. It was certainly unexpected. I think I was initially a big supporter.


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