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Karma is back for a trial run!

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It was amazing when we had points last time and thatguy received magic powers.

Ohhh!!! Magic powers sound awesome.

TJ Spyke:
Sounds like there is potential for abuse, but i'm sure the mods/admins will watch out for that.

Mop it up:
Basically, the staff gets to decide who will have the ability grant/take karma, so it's only going to be people who they feel will not abuse the system. And if someone does, I'm sure the staff will collective bring their points under 5 to remove the ability.

the mods are great people and really deserve shipments of delicious cupcakes.
Even if perhaps they didn't like cupcakes they should get the type that they are not aware that they like.

if they absolutely refuse the cupcakes, then they should get pie.


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