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What do you use your Switch USB Ports for?

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The back one on mine is used for the ethernet adapter but the front two are a different story. One port is being used for a USB C cable so I can use my Pro Controller or 8Bitdo Pro 2 as a wired controller to try and make Smash Ultimate's input delay less obnoxious. and the other one is currently being occupied by a Logitech Unifying Reciever so I can use a wireless keyboard on the Switch. I could also sync a mouse to it but the only game that supports keyboard and mouse is Hypnospace Outlaw. Having a keyboard is still nice for the eshop though.

Other than the rare occasions I have the opportunity for local multiplayer and I haver the GameCube adapter plugged in for Smash Bros., I don't have anything plugged into mine.

I only use the one inside the back compartment of the dock for the wired internet LAN adapter. I can’t go back to wireless after experiencing how stable and consistent the wired connection is.

Mop it up:
The one in the compartment has the Ethernet adapter in it (I guess Nintendo's never gonna enable USB 3.0...), and the other two alternate between GCN adapter, Pro Controller charger, Classic Controller adapter, and keyboard.

One is for the cable to charge the Switch Pro Controller. The other if for a cable to charge the Wii U Pro Controller. Occassionally I use the Gamecube controller adapter but that is not left connected.


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