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The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread

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Vaccine supply got off to a very slow start in Australia but things are picking up and it's now unofficially a race betweenn the states and territories.

My state is doing very badly. It is a source of great shame.

Well it sister tested positive for COVID. The anti-mask/vaccine/science sister. Apparently she thinks sending her husband to the store for various multivitamins will help and doesn't think it is worth testing her kids. Went through the whole gamut of emotions over it when I found out last night, especially how her kids could suffer. They are all such sweet children and don't deserve this. One thing is for certain, we are glad that we avoided all but one gathering she was a part of and had her and the kids wear masks around the baby (when we made it a condition to see her its amazing how easily she was okay with it when she saw we wouldn't be budging on the issue.

Just glad my mother is finally fully vaccinated (dad was months ago).

Now if only my employer would stop parading around like the pandemic is over and making mandatory return to work dates despite a growing voice of concern and dissent while claiming they are listening to employee concerns.

Its already turning into a headhunting situation as employees are asking about how to report others who are coughing in the workplace as if it were a new controversial law in Texas that paid a bounty for reports.


--- Quote from: BlackNMild2k1 on September 20, 2021, 02:25:53 PM ---For the record, I don't give a damn if you're vaccinated or not, as long as you exercise caution (wear a fucking mask) and respect the situation at hand (stay home if you sick)
(yeah, I know most don't care one way or another)

--- End quote ---
I both do and don’t care. These anti-vax/anti-mask chuckleheads are taking up ER and ICU beds then begging for the vaccine on their literal deathbed. There are reports of cancer patients not being able to get treatment because hospitals are full. What are y’all doing? They’re very clearly not exercising caution so now we have a bunch of dead kids and immunocompromised people.

At the same time, I’m simply not going to argue with those people. Then die, I guess. 🤷‍♀️ If at this point a frightening amount of people are STILL not taking this pandemic seriously then taking fucking horse dewormer when there’s a FREE vaccine available, what can you say or do? “I don’t know what’s in the vaccine.” I don’t know, man. Have you ordered from a restaurant, like ever? Think about it after you’re done shitting yourself in the middle of Walmart.

The problem with that last part is if the willingly unvaccinated keep passing the virus back and forth, it can keep mutating and eventually put us back in square 1.  But I'm honestly not interested in arguing with people on it anymore.  It's exhausting.  They often say **** like, "I need to see more data", but they never fucking look.  There is no such data that will satisfy them.  Then there are people who still spread or believe conspiracies about it, and I don't who's worse, them or the devout skeptic.

Oh, they’re not passing the virus back and forth. Them mofos are mostly straight up dying, and if they manage to survive, COVID apparently “lingers in the penis” causing erectile dysfunction and possible impotency. It may take longer than expected but as we transition from **** around to find out, the problem seems like it may eventually sort itself out.

By my estimation, the only group worse than the lazy cunts waiting for more data but never actually looking for it is the I-did-my-own-research conspiracy theory crowd who can get ALL the way fucked. And they will. Eventually. By COVID. Imagine having the audacity to believe lurking on Facebook or YouTube for confirmation bias videos is worth more than the research some scientists have spent their whole careers on, building off the knowledge and work of their peers and predecessors. I don’t wish ill will on anyone, but when these people die agonizing, completely preventable deaths, all I feel is:


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