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Mafia XXXI: Day 8

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Realizing that if they had voted yesterday, they may have saved Copper's life and that the two mafias weren't going to stop killing even if Cube was around, the villagers gathered for another vote. They eyed one another suspiciously looking for any trace of guilt. The tension was high and nerves were frayed. Finally, Blathers snapped. Turning to DrewMG, he shouted, "Will you quit sneezing at me?" "Sorry, I'm allergic to feathers," DrewMG apologized. "Well, you're getting hairs all over me and it's causing my allergies to flare up," Blathers angrily explained. "Oh, sorry. I didn't relaize you were... ACHOO.. that you were allergic to hairs. Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffff," DrewMG hacked. "Not all hair," Blathers explained," Just coyote, wolf or....... fox hair." Everybody froze as Blathers suddenly realized what he had just stumbled on. Picking up a few pieces of hair that had landed on him from DrewMG, he examined them closely, then turned wide-eyed to DrewMG. "HE'S A FOOOOOOX!" Blathers shouted. DrewMG, realizing he was in trouble, turned and ran with the whole mob of villagers chasing after him. DrewMG ran as fast as he could, scanning desperately for someway to escape the mob but he could find no good hiding place or come up with an escape strategy. He looked behind him to see how much the mob was catching up. He turned to look where he was running again, only to see Lyle had just walked straight into his path. There was not time to manuever and he ran right into him. They both tumbled to the ground. DrewMG started to get up again but suddenly he was ensnared by three different butterfly nets. "What should we do now?" wondered Pelly. The villagers looked at DrewMG. Suddenly, a coconut fell from the tree above and hit DrewMG in the head, giving him a big headache. The villagers looked at one another, inspiration having struck them from this interesting sight.

"Everybody ready!" shouted Agent S. The villagers all lifted the coconuts in their hands. "Aim," Agent S yelled. The villagers aimed their coconuts. "Fire!" Agent S screamed. DrewMG watched the massive horde of coconuts fill the air leap from the crowd of villagers and rush towards him. The massive horde of coconuts blocked the sight of DrewMG from the villagers for a moment as they all rushed to his direction and then flew everywhere as they bounced back from the impact and hit one another. When the chaos had subsuded, they saw DrewMG lying there in a puddle of blood and coconut juice. So ended the life of Fox henchman #1

Meanwhile, in his basement, Easycure was working and listening to Pink Floyd.

"Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an off hand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today"

"Ah, it is complete," he suddenly shouted, holding up a device, "Behold, my masterpiece. A dirty bomb. If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the Mighty One, Chilly Willy... I am become Death, the Shatterer of Worlds."

He held the bomb up to his face. He stared at it for a few moments, listening to it tick and whir and watching it run. Suddenly, he heard a beeping. Turning it over, he saw a timer counting down with 5 seconds left. He stared at it confused for a moment.

"Oh wait, this is a timebomb I built," he suddenly realized, "Man, I shouldn't have been doing this while high." The timer reached 0 and the bomb blew up, instantly killing him. In the background, the music played on.

"The time is gone, the song is over, thought I'd something more to say"

And so ended the menace of Cube, the suicide penguin bomber.

As night fell, Crazy Redd hurried to his hideout. Getting there, he found a message waiting for him. It said: "Hello Pale or should I say Crazy Redd? Yes, I know your secret. Meet me at the Museum at Midnight. We'll discuss this matter further. Failure to do so will result in the whole village knowing your secret. Signed, Your Master." Crazy Redd crumpled the paper, furious at this horrible blackmail attempt. The "master" is going to die a horrible death by my hands, he thought to himself. Suddenly, he heard a clang come from inside his house. Not sure if someone was waiting for him, Crazy Redd pulled his invisible cloak on tight and then began thinking about what he was going to do.

Arriving at the museum, Crazy Redd entered and found Blathers tied up and gagged on the floor. A sheet with the words, Crazy Redd this way, was hanging in the entrance with an arrow pointed towards the exhibits. Crazy Redd, silently and invisibly went through the exhibits. There was no one in the fossil area. He passed through the insect exhibits as well, scanning carefully for the sight of a hidden assailant. He began walking through the painting exhibit when suddenly a voice spoke. "Crazy Redd. We meet at last." Crazy Redd froze. How could someone know he was here he wondered. He padded himself but there seemed to be no hole in his uniform. A figure appeared in the doorway to the next exhibit. It was Tom Nook and he was holding a gun pointed in his direction. "I'm sure you must be wondering how I'm able to see an invisible man," he said, smiling, "The answer is simple." Tom Nook bent down to the floor and wiped his finger along the floor. It left a mark while his finger now dripped the color of the floor. "Wet paint," Tom Nook spat. Crazy Redd looked down at his feet and then behind where he had walked in. He saw the footprints he had made on entering the exhibit. "For too long, I have had to put up with your cheap bloody merchandise taking away bells from my business. Stealing my customers with your shoddy goods in a little tent you use to run around in. Like a Bedouin raid. You suddenly appear out of the desert, quickly grab some bells and then disappear back into the desert. All around the land, you run and hide. Set up shop here and there and disappear just as quickly again. My business is solid. I do not have to hide. I have shops set up in every town across the land. You can not compete against it. That's why you are always on the move. It's the only way you can make it work. With quick cash graps, here and there. You have been a misquito to me for some time. Sucking a little blood here and there, never anything substantial, just enough to cause an irritation. You dream of being big like me but you do not have the brains or the savvy to do it. Oh, you've been smart enough to evade my wrath for sometime. That I give you credit for. I also give credit to the mayor of this town for giving me the chance to catch you by trapping us here together. But that doesn't mean the mayor is going to get the better of me. And niether are you. For too long, we have danced this dance. This endless waltz. Tonight, we end it," Tom Nook bitterly spoke.

Crazy Redd, however, also had a pistol and he quickly pulled out it and fired. Tom Nook, seeing the pistol suddenly flash into view, fired back as he ducked back into the exhibit he had come from, narrowly avoiding getting shot. Crazy Redd ran after Tom Nook determined to end this also. Crazy Redd went to the side of the doorway and then he cautiously peered into the next exhibit. It was the aquariums. He scanned the room but saw no sign of Tom Nook due to the darkness and blurriness of the water. He crept into the room staying close to the aquariums glass. He looked down and saw he was leaving footprints from the paint he had stepped on. Looking around, Crazy Redd saw a ladder leading to the top of aquarium. Seeing no trace of Tom Nook, he quietly went up the steps to the top. Then, he dunked his feet in the water and began washing the wet paint off the bottom of his invisible costume.

Tom Nook, meanwhile, had stayed low to the ground and had watched through a tank as footprints suddenly began to appear on the floor and went down an aisle. Crawling on his belly, Tom Nook slowly crept over to where the footprints had entered and then peered around the aisle they had walked. He saw the pattern of footprints move along of the edge of the tank and then go up a ladder. Confused, Tom Nook tried to figure what Crazy Redd was doing. Was he trying to get a high view or sneak above the tanks and try to catch him that way. Then, he suddenly realized. The water. The feet. Tom Nook quickly fired a couple of shots at the top of the ladder and above the tank but they just went straight into the walls and ceiling. Suddenly, there was laughter from further in the exhibit. "Ha ha ha. I fooled you again. I washed myself clean and now your little trap is my little trap," Crazy Redd called out. Tom Nook could hear Redd's feet moving closer towards him along with Redd's voice. Tom Nook quickly began thinking about what he could do to escape. He could fire blindly in the hoped that he might hit Redd but Redd could just wait until he ran out of ammo. How could he see an invisible man? Redd feet had slowed down and Tom Nook knew that Redd was creeping up to him now. Then, he realized his solution. "There's more than one way to skin a fox, my friend. But in the end, the fox still is skinned," Tom Nook shouted. Then he fired two quick bullets into the aquarium between himself and the approaching Crazy Redd.

Crazy Redd had run towards Tom Nook when he had first heard the shots fired. Seeing Tom Nook through the aquarium ahead of him, Crazy Redd had slowed down and was cautiously approaching Tom Nook as he came around the aquarium. He held his gun low to the ground to ensure that Tom couldn't see it through the glass. Suddenly, Tom Nook cried out his threat and shot the glass in front of himself. Crazy Redd off to the edge of the aqaurium stared in disbelief. Tom had lost it. He was shooting wildly. Then, with a great crack, the glass burst and the aquarium between them burst open. Water suddenly rushed down everywhere into the exhibit. Crazy Redd bent down to protect himself from the onslaught when he suddenly noticed something. The water was rushing all around him but leaving an invisible gap where he was standing. The water was exposing him.

Tom Nook braced himself for the water's onslaught. After getting knocked back a bit by the rush of it, he quickly got to his feet, his head turning back and forth, scanning the water's surface as fast he could. Then he saw what he was looking for. A gap in the water forming the feet of Crazy Redd. He quickly fired a couple shots in Redd's direction. He heard Redd cry out in pain and knew that he had got him. Then, he quickly rushed down another aisle, hiding behind some more aquariums before Redd could retaliate. Redd, clutching his leg, had seen Tom Nook rush down another aisle. He ran down a parallel aisle and planned to sneak up on the other side of Tom. Lying on the ground, Tom Nook listened as intently as he could to the sounds in the room. After a few tense moments, he heard a constant splash of water as Crazy Redd limped on the wet ground towards him. Waiting for the steps to get a bit closer, Tom Nook turned and once again, fired into a tank. Once more, there was a loud crack and the rush of water. With his leg injured, Crazy Redd couldn't support his weight against the rush of water and was knocked down to the ground and dragged a bit with the water. Tom Nook, however, quickly scrambled to his feet, and slipping along, he searched the room for the invisible outline of Redd in the water again. He found the gap and fired again at Redd's direction. With more screams of pain, Tom knew he had got him. Blood began to stain the invisible costume and form an outline of Crazy Redd. Tom Nook ran towards where Crazy Redd was lying and then began to shred the invisible cloth. Crazy Redd, lay there, withering in pain and shouted death threats at Tom Nook, clawing the air violently. Tom Nook looked down at him and then up at the aquarium tank they were beside. An idea formed in his head. "And so, this is the end. But allow me to do you one last favor. Since you wanted so badly to be a big fish in a small pond and swim with the sharks, allow me to give you that chance," Tom said, his teeth flashing an evil smile.

At Crazy Redd's hideout, Fox henchman #2, was sitting huddled by a sofa. Daylight was beginning to appear and Crazy Redd hadn't shown up yet. He began to wonder if something had happened to him as well. It was bad enough to lose DrewMG but did that expose Crazy Redd? Where was he? Suddenly, there was a loud bang on the front door. The fox snapped to attention and crept to the door. He looked through a peephole and saw no one there. Carefully, he opened the door with a gun pointed into the open air in front of himself. But there was no one there. Then he looked down. There were the chewed up remains of Crazy Redd with a note attached to them. "He disagreed with something that ate him." Horrified, the Fox slammed the door shut, looked it and hid behind a sofa. Crazy Redd dead and his two cohorts killed as well. The Coons were on to him. What to do? What to do? He clutched his gun tightly and whimpered as a new day slowly began.

Announcement post


DrewMG - Fox #1 (killed by vote)
Easycure - Cube (death by inactivity)
Pale - Crazy Redd (killed by Coons)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Foxes are on life support. Coons looking fine. I've stumbled into some kind of parallel universe. This can not be. Curse the coons. Ah, but wait.

Today is a Fox hit day. A chance for revenge.

Voting ends as per usual. Midnight EST.

The following people have to vote today:

No one.

Ha! Looks like Pale voted against DrewMG to try and make himself look innocent. That backfired.

e: I'm going to go with my original vote from yesterday, insanolord. He's been around and not contributing. Sure one of his 3 total votes was for Pale, but his excuse was "Pale was in Disneyland". It wasn't a serious vote and Day 4 was the perfect time to place an "Look-at-me-I-voted-for-a-mafia-member-so-I-can't-be-mafia!" vote because that was the day of the NovaQ bandwagon.

Also he has a grudge against me.


Wow what a day for us townies, we get one more mafia member voted out and then the coons help us out and take out Crazy Redd. Now we need to flip the tables, finally vote out a coon and hope the foxes will take one out as well, that way we can have our numbers again.

I'm going to stick with my other vote since the two I have helped vote have been mafia and Vote TheFleece


--- Quote from: NuclearSpeed on February 25, 2009, 11:33:27 AM ---Wow what a day for us townies, we get one more mafia member voted out and then the coons help us out and take out Crazy Redd. Now we need to flip the tables, finally vote out a coon and hope the foxes will take one out as well, that way we can have our numbers again.

I'm going to stick with my other vote since the two I have helped vote have been mafia and Vote TheFleece

--- End quote ---

You couldn't be more wrong about me. Make your vote really count- a vote for me is a nail in the coffin for Townies.


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