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Khush does a good job of keeping them in check!

Sometimes. It's a team effort. I seem to be really great at sniping spambots as they appear during the day before users even have a chance to send a report to the moderators. For a little bit there, I had a page and a half in the moderation log of just me banning spambots before anyone even made a report until your Mafia Game got started. That's probably why you think I do a good job if you were looking at the log before and during your game.

But if a spambot comes on during late evening, I'm not always checking in too often and if it is late at night, I usually don't see it when I get up and check in during the morning because someone from an early timezone has blasted it away already. Usually if a user sends in a report, it's almost always gone before I check in. The e-mail the report goes to is an older account I'll check in on about once a week to clear out advertisements and other notices. I only catch spambots when I'm visiting the forum. Yet, I think I do pretty good in removing the menace just from that method alone.


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