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Movies & TV / Re: SPOILER ALERT: MCU Thread (Livin' La Vida Loki)
« Last post by Stratos on Today at 12:42:21 PM »
Also considering how Kang was 'tending' the timelines it is possible he steps in and does something in a high risk situation to keep it from splitting. But would have been nice to see some of it get resolved. Its probably a perfect excuse to have stretched the season into more of the investigator/buddy cop stuff folks wanted having Loki and Mobius going to different timelines to cleanup messes or make sure things are well and truly fixed.

It brings up a bit of a problem all of the MCU TV stuff has to a degree. The story and plot is so tight and driven that it rarely gives us a chance to breath in the world. It is a problem with shorter series, but it can be done. The Boat repair scene from Falcon is an example of it. But these shows in general have felt like the go by too fast and are too focused on their "big picture" purposes of setting the narrative for Phase 4 movies. Let the shows dwell a bit on their own matters and let us go on these journeys with characters instead of being strapped into a non-stop rollercoaster ride to Multiverse of Madness.
General Gaming / Re: Atari VCS, Amico, Micro Consoles
« Last post by ThePerm on Today at 01:57:35 AM »
Let's just remember that multiplayer mode in Goldeneye was an afterthought.
Now my question is, does this drop on HBO Max on Day 1? (8/6)

It does, and with no 3D version in theaters that is how I will probably watch it.
Nintendo Gaming / Re: Amazing Deals!
« Last post by Mr. Bungle on Yesterday at 06:11:03 PM »
PUSS! is on sale in the US eShop right now for a mere $3. The game was a 7 when reviewed by NWR Link to review but it's psychedelic and cat themed so that is good enough for me. With some spare gold coins I got it for about $1.
General Gaming / Re: Backlaugust 2021: Round 2: Electric Boogaloo
« Last post by Mr. Bungle on Yesterday at 06:08:08 PM »
I am traveling right now so I just have my 3DS's. I am working on Mega Man Zero (from the DS collection) now and then plan to start Maze Walker (from the Sega 3D classics collection). Hopefully that is the start of a productive month. I am getting No More Heroes 3 this month but thankfully that is at the end of the month so I will just try to clear my plate before then. Also, thanks for hosting this Pokepal!
General Gaming / Re: Backlaugust 2021: Round 2: Electric Boogaloo
« Last post by Khushrenada on Yesterday at 03:53:13 PM »
Well, then, I guess I shouldn't have bought The Great Ace Attorney then. Guess I'll throw it into the backlog for now.

General Gaming / Re: Backlaugust 2021: Round 2: Electric Boogaloo
« Last post by pokepal148 on Yesterday at 01:07:22 PM »
I'll go anything not released in August or July of this year personally.
General Gaming / Re: Backlaugust 2021: Round 2: Electric Boogaloo
« Last post by Mop it up on Yesterday at 12:22:51 PM »
Try to pick up games you aren't actively playing right now. Games you're currently playing can be allowed, but in the spirit of Backlaugust, let's try to make them games you aren't playing at the moment. Make it a game you haven't touched in a month or more if possible.

While I sort of get the intent from this, I don't really follow it. To me, any game is part of the backlog whether you've had it for 10 years or 10 minutes...
Just to make sure things are clear, the opening post wasn't written by Poképal148 nor me, it's copy/pasted from the person who used to host Backlaugust on NegativeWorld. With that said, they're not really "rules" more like "guidelines" which is why "rules" was in quotes. Myself, I'm lenient and pretty much accept anything that wasn't released / bought during August regardless of any other circumstance.
General Gaming / Re: Backlaugust 2021: Round 2: Electric Boogaloo
« Last post by TOPHATANT123 on Yesterday at 08:05:31 AM »
It's that time again already?

I've got some in mind. Suikoden I played a good amount of then put down earlier this year. Bravely Default 2 and Astral Chain would also be good candidates.
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