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What if Nintendo licensed their consoles to electronic companies?

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I wish that Nintendo would license their old consoles. I would buy a slick new NES for like $30.  Or may a SNES & NES combo for like $50.  


nice idea, but i disagree.  lets say Panasonic make a stand alone DVD player, and a DVD player the plays GC2 games.  if i were a customer looking to buy a DVD player, i'll buy the cheaper stand alone one, and not bother with the one that plays GC2 games.  a dvd player that plays GC2 games will be more expensive.  sure, it would be cheaper to buy one than buying a DVD and GC2 separately, but i can't see it increasing the GC user base a lot...
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Exactly. It would just be a heck of a lot more expensive. The opposite wouldn't work.

Like the the original topic said. Its like the PS2 reverse. The user already wants to buy the expensive thing, and they throw in a cheaper thing. So if another person wants to buy a dvd player that are cheaper then consoles, they probably wouldn't pay more to have a built in consoles thats considered and "extra". Pluse the fact that PS2 and Xbox games are already on dvds, so it was natural just to have the ability ad dvd video support. They wouldn't have to throw in all new hardware, like the would with what your proposing.  

is this the Q you are talking about?? Panasonic Gamecube  

Yes, that is the Q.


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