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Radio Trivia Results for October 4th 2002


Hosted by Jonnyboy117, tonight's Radio Trivia was slightly harder than usual, with many games only getting a few (or no) correct answers.  Although it was close, Moerer pulled into the lead with the final bonus question for the win.  Congratulations, Moerer!

  Game 1: Super Mario Kart (SNES)

FyreWulff, TKnHappyNess, gamer_2002, Moerer, TheViper, NikJam, MarioLinkSamus, Kazooie074, KalaeVandros, Tavir, Vidotmike

Q: What's the code to shrink yourself?
A: <Magus-> Y A

  Game 2: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (N64)

Nintendo_Natecube, MarioLinkSamus, ulanshad, Kazooie074, Moerer

Q: What was the official release date, including year, of Turok 2 in North America?
A: <TheViper> december 10 98

  Game 3: Bebe's Kids (SNES)

ulanshad, FFantasyFX, FyreWulff

Q: What comedian created the Bebe's Kids story?
A: <SupremePikmin> Robin Harris


Trey Anastasio - Money, Love, and Change
Steely Dan - Reelin' in the Years


  Game 4: ShadowRun


Q: Who is the main villain for most of the game, and what kind of creature does he turn out to be?
A: <NikJam> drake, half human-half dragon

 Game 5: Wizards & Warriors 3

(None Correct)

Q: Who developed the Wizards & Warriors series?
A: <Moerer> Rare


 Moerer: 3

MarioLinkSamus: 2

FyreWulff: 2

Kazooie074: 2

TheViper: 2

Tavir: 2

NikJam: 2

Ulanshad: 2

FFantasyFX: 1

Nintendo_Natecube: 1

Magus-: 1

TKnHappyNess: 1

gamer_2002: 1

KalaeVandros: 1

SupremePikmin: 1


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