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What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?

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My youngest & I rolled credits on Untitled Goose Game over the past weekend.  It shines as a co-op game.  We were able to have a lot of fun causing chaos together, and having an extra goose also helped get through some later areas that would have been tougher solo. 

Goodbye Volcano High is a lovely visual novel with a coming of age tale juxtaposed against a giant meteor coming for you.  Characters are well developed and feel genuine.  The personal struggles shown are relatable, if maybe a bit squeaky clean. 

Gameplay is threadbare - dialogue options that give the impression of agency/affecting the outcome.  A music rhythm minigame that has button inputs that feel unique.  There's three separate tracks (left, right, vertical) that I had to point in that direction as notes fly through.  There's also button inputs with a radial that closes in on it before timing it perfectly to the beat.  It's not complex but mixes up the rhythm just enough to avoid boredom.

If you like "one of those" games, it's worth a look.

So my daughter is turning three this month and being more aware we've started playing a lot of classic games for fun. I've been playing a lot of the Mario games from Mario 3, World, Yoshi's Island, Mario 64, Galaxy, Odyssey, and 3D World. Also the OG Donkey Kong Country.

Of these I have beat Mario 64 and 3D World. Boy what a difference of opinion I've had about these games over previous plays.

Mario 64 I am now dreading returning to in the future. I thought the N64 controller would make things play better, but it just doesn't play well for me. I struggled with finer gameplay, with some of the platforming, and after the first 1/3rd of the game I was just powering through to get to the end for her. I could NOT hit the bombs with Bowser for the life of me in the last battle.

I don't know what is wrong, the controller, the port, my age, all of the above? I still dearly love the game, but something feels off. Even versus the play I did a year or so ago when 3D All Stars came out. I started playing on the Switch Online app because I was just going through the games on the apps, then remembered I have 3D All Stars. Both feel clunky and cumbersome to me. Maybe I need to bust out the N64 and try there? Like the game runs TOO good with higher framerates? Or there could be some sort of controller latency at play?

I'd love to hear what others think or have experiences with older games. For me this seems to be relegated to the N64 3D games. 2D games on NES and SNES seem to more clearly be me losing my gamer edge at these precision games.

On the other hand, Mario 3D World surprised me in a pleasant way. I have tried to play this game so many times, but always with friends and family. Because of scheduling none of these runs got farther than the beginning of world 3. But since I was the only one actively playing with a tiny cheerleader and spectator, we ran with it all the way through. And the game ramped up into some delightfully fun and devilishly challenging levels. I went from 50+ lives to my last life in the final main world. I had never done the infinite 1-up trick in any Mario game and I actually went back and did it to get more lives! And the unique powerups were all a delight along with the classics. The way it channeled older Mario games like 3 also gave it a wonderful feel.

I've yet to try Wonder, but I may not get to it until I finish 3D world and it just seems to keep on going. I'm on the second bonus world post-Bowser and I am half wondering if this game actually does run out of levels.


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