Author Topic: Switch Screenshot Posting To Former Twitter Among Functionality Being Disabled June 10  (Read 791 times)

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Any chance we can just port that code over to Bluesky?

Nintendo is removing one of the last reasons to use a failed social network next month.

The company confirmed today - ironically in a post on X, the social network formerly known as Twitter for some petulant reason - that the ability to post screenshots directly to the site from the Switch will be disabled on June 10. Although no reason was given for the removal, rampantly increased costs for access to the site's application program interface (API) were instituted by emerald mining failson / site owner Elon Musk in an attempt to recoup a $44bn purchase of the site in late 2022.

Alternate supported-by-Nintendo options for uploading screencaps and video from the Switch include transferring to a computer via the Settings menu of the system or posting via Facebook. Functionality for friend suggestions via social media will also be removed at the same time.

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Just want to say your sass in this article brought a smile to my face.
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