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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 4.

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VotingBehaviour_Report when =consistent: PlayerID_Nickmitch second vote for PlayerID_Lucario in succession. Similar vote previously issued by PlayerID_BeautifulShy & PlayerID_MopItUp

Theory_Lucario=DarkSamus posited. Veracity: unproven.
Likelihood: IF=TRUE, player behaviour appears unexpected.
Analysis: PlayerID_Lucario voted just once, absent for 2 days. DarkSamus attempted first kill on Night 2. If DarkSamus=Lucario, systems flag absence on Day 2 Pokepal bandwagon curious.
Kill order may have been sent in early, unable to change post bandwagon (SEE: testimonial_BeautifulShy.txt)? IF:Scenario_EarlyKill THEN:C0nflict_Player!Absence.

Testing [Federation_Intel] Hypotheses...
H0: Federation knows no identities. REJECTED.
H1: Federation knows 1 living identity. CONFIRMED.
H2: Federation knows 2 living identities. LIKELY.
H3: Federation knows identities of either regular townies, or Omega Pirate + Townie. SPECULATIVE.

Strategy: ProvokeResponse. Isolating bandwagoneers.
PlayerID_Insanolord 2 votes, both bandwagon, 1 regular comment.
Running V0TE.exe... Vote NWR_Insanolord

If there is one thing I have learned being a space pirate it is that you always trust your computer guidance systems.
Vote NWR_Insanolord

Mop it up:
There hasn't been a whole lot of activity and BeautifulShy was a distraction yesterday, so I feel like this is still a bit of a guessing game. However, my thinking is that there had to have been at least one Mafia voting for Pokepal148 on day one, and I was thinking it could actually be between the first to vote him, which are Insanolord and ShyGuy. Based on his history after day one, yeah, I think I'll join this vote.

Vote Insanolord


The counterbandwagon has arrived pretty quickly here, but the theorising against Lucario has never consisted of anything more substantial than "he's inactive" and that was originally pushed by the overly active Samus. That said, lack of meaningful engagement is sometimes a tell of a a Federation lackey, secure in their position and not having to publicly broadcast to recruit for the Space Pirate Union.

TheFleece has so far acted similarly. As has insanolord.

For now, un-vote nwr_Insanolord

(I more just wanted to finish the day)

I am forced to vote again to save myself it seems

With different timezones this has been rather easy, i've been trying to keep a low profile. Working behind the scenes gathering information you could say.

So, with that said my vote is no longer just a safety vote for my protection. From what things people have said in dm's and the general playstyle. Isan is extremely sus.


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