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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 3.

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Sorry. It never occurred to me that players would take my decision of when to end the Night action period as something for which to base a vote on other players. Now I'm thinking I may just have to always let the Night Period run the full 12 hours so as not to expose a player if they do take a long amount of time to send in an action.  :-X

Ya know what I am going to out myself because at this point with all the taunting and such I don't care if I win or not I am just going to make the rest of the game as a confusing mess for the rest for the whole lot of you as long as I am alive.  This week has been be very stressful not only with Covid-19, but the leak of the toilet that I am still dealing with in its 3rd day and then trying to wrap my head around this game and how I should be playing with this role. I don't need this today.   

Pokepal was right. I am Samus and I sent in my kill on thatguy early on before pokepal made his Metroid claim and then my kill was locked into thatguy a hour later so I couldn't change it. The pokepal made his claim and then thatguy made his post about voting for pokepal and yeah I thought I might have a chance at the metroid and yeah pokepal was right I didn't even think about the doctor saving someone in the vote until the tail end of the first day before the lock and I knew from then and there I knew I wasn't going to win.

Here is the list of my notes over the past few days.

Use it to destroy each other.

Mafia 85 Metroid Roles and Items list

BeautifulShy: Samus
Pokepal148: Claims to be the Metroid so a possible townie.  Possible Doctor/ Possible speed booster   Dead. Townie confirmed
Ejamer: Claims to be a space pirate(normal townie) Possible Mafia or Samus/ Dark Samus for voting for pokepal who claims to be the Metroid. Voted for pokepal but didn’t change their vote away as ShyGuy was voted out. If Shyguy ends up being a townie then  Ejamer, Insanolord, GK and Pokepal are the Mafia.
GK:  Mafia or a normal townie.
Lucario: Samus/Dark Samus or a passive Mafia goon. 
Luigi Dude: Possible Federation Trooper aka Speed Booster claims to be a space pirate(townie)
MASB: Possible Townie
Mop it up: Possible townie role or Mafia.  Has been talking with The Fleece a lot while hidden.
Mr: Bungle: Possible space pirate(townie)
Nickmitch: Possible townie
Insanolord: Possible Mafia or Samus/Dark Samus for voting for pokepal who claims to be the Metroid. Didn’t read the rules and roles Voted for Pokepal but didn’t change their vote away
RABicle:  Possible Federation Trooper (Speed Booster) claims to be a space pirate from avatar.
ShyGuy: Possible Mafia or Samus/Dark Samus for voting for pokepal who claims to be the Metroid
Steefosaurus: Townie Role, Samus/Dark Samus or Mafia
Stevey: Possible townie or a roled player. Mafia.  Can’t be Samus
Stratos: Possible townie
Thatguy: X-Parasite. townie  Dead.
The Fleece: Possible Mafia or a townie role

A lot of the above is based on their activity and how they are playing and the votes they did and the reasoning of their votes.

thatguy-X Parasite from Samus kill. Day 1.
Pokepal148- space pirate(Townie)

Current understanding of what roles one has.

Day 1.
Samus: BeautifulShy

Possible Samus/ Dark Samus- ShyGuy, Insanolord, ejamer, Lucario, Steefosaurus, stevey, Rabicle

Possible Mafia.  The Fleece, Steefosaurus, ShyGuy, Mop it up, Luigi Dude(Possible Speed Booster), Rabicle (possible Speed Booster), GK. Insanolord, Lucario, pokepal148( possible Speed Booster),

Possible Townie roles- The Fleece, Mop it up, Lucario, thatguy, Steefosaurus, stevey

Possible Normal townies- pokepal148, Stratos,stevey, Nickmitch, Mr. Bungle, MASB, GK, ejamer. Thatguy, Rabicle,

Votes for Day 2. 

Steefosaurus or stevey. Fleece gets a one day pass for today.

Day 2 understanding of roles as I know them.

BeautifulShy- Townie.
Thatguy- X-parasite townie confirmed.
Pokepal148- Metroid or Speed Booster

Day 3 understanding of roles as I know them.

Thatguy- X- Parasite townie confirmed
Pokepal148- Townie confirmed.
Lucario likely Deleter for lack of activity with the hits. Not being around the first two days
Rabicle Dark Samus most likely.
Luigi Dude likely Federation Trooper.

Oh and this was going to be my kill list.

Have fun with the info.

Thatguy Set Day 1  X-Parasite
Mop it up
New Player/ The Fleece claims townie. No role PM. Kraid
pokepal148/stevey Pokepal is dead and was a Space Pirate(townie)
New Player/ Steefosaurus Kraid or Detective
New Player/ Lucario
New Player/ ejamer
New Player/ Luigi Dude- Possible Federation Trooper-Speed Booster
New Player/GK
New Player/ Mr. Bungle
New Player/ ShyGuy
New Player/ RABicle
New Player/ MASB Possible Kraid

New player list
Luigi Dude
Mr. Bungle
The Fleece

Samus hit targets.

Day 3. Lucario or Steefosaurus
Day 4 or 5. Insanolord
Day 5 or 6. ShyGuy
Day 6 or 7.  TheFleece or Steefosaurus

Vote BeautifulShy lol

Using timed-out sessions to bump users from server an admirable strategy, proving near machine-like logic. .Adam experiences a new sensation best described by sources on 'impressed' and 'fear'.

Sensations clouding LOGIC.tar.gz - is this how organics reach baseless conclusions?

Executing V0TE.exe... Vote BeautifulShy

Assumption: FactionID_Mafia scouting every user early to weed out Samuses and gain intel. Current vote will accelerate their aggression, but reduce intel-gathering.


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