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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 3.

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Story Post

With the Space Pirates regrouping now that they know they are under attack, some wonder if there is a mole among them. They begin to argue amongst themselves which attracts the attention of the Federation and another firefight ensues. It also attracts the attention of Kraid who arrives to break it up. He explodes up from below the ground showing heavy rock debris everywhere and fires off some his thorny belly spikes. All sides run for cover. One person unable to run away is unlucky Space Pirate pokepal148. After getting beat-up in yesterday's firefight, he finds his legs are now broken from the rock debris when Kraid showed up from the ground. I might have done a Fez routine from the Austin Powers movies of pokepal148 attempting to let everyone know he is still alive and trying to get help. Finally, Kraid has enough and squishes him. Then Kraid goes back to his underground lair.

Shortly after the action, a mysterious figure arrives to check things out after the day's action. The figure spots pokepal148 and shoots at him further desecrating his corpse until they realize he's already dead. Spotting some footprints from the Space Pirates, the figure follows in the direction they headed off.

Announcement Post

The following players have died:

pokepal148 - Space Pirate (Killed by Kraid's Vote)
pokepal148 - Targeted By Dark Samus but he was already thrown in the Dead Thread from dying at Kraid's hand.

That is all. For a game, that has a potential of 3 deaths a cycle, we are really being generous in letting as many players as possible keep playing. How thoughtful.

Tonight is a Samus Aran hit night provided Samus Aran isn't voted out during the day. There are 16 players still alive. That means the majority vote for today will still require 9 votes. Voting Period / Day will be open a generous 48 hours and change closing at Midnight (12:00 AM) EST on Tuesday Mar. 31, 2020. Plan accordingly.

Once more, I'm available for questions and explanations as needed whether through pm here or on Discord. Note: Sometimes I see players with incorrect theories based on perhaps not quite reading the rules and roles correctly. I am not going to post any corrections to erroneous theories as I feel that is the host getting too involved and helping guide players. It is up to the players to double check their info or ask for clarification if needed.

While I just want to watch movies and play videogames in my spare time, I will try and make an effort to finally get some story going over the next couple days. Story - My Eternal Mafia Nemesis.

Back to the Magmoor Caverns everyone.

hawt townie on townie action.

good job guys. hahaha

All notions of democracy in the galactic federation have been revealed to be a sham. I think we go with Mr Bungle's original plan to unionise the currently unorganised Space Pirates. We may've lost a comrade in pokepal today, but he was 100% acting like a gloating scab thinking he was untouchable for having the metroid. Comrade Kraid showed that pokepal is no bigger than anyone else and that we'll take that bread, or metroid, for ourselves.

NO but really based on his behaviour I figured Pokepal was 100% Dark Samus trying to do a double bluff. Looks like he was telling the truth, at least Kraid is holding the Metroid for us now.

Khushrenada can you tell us if the second kill on Pokepal was from Dark Samus or the Federation?

In a bit I will try and explain my posts against pokepal.   I will also see if I can figure some things out....

The results show that there was only 1 kill from either the Federation(Mafia) or Dark Samus yesterday. 

Also the fact that that Kraids removal of pokepal and the 2nd hit stacked up on each other must mean Kraids wires are being twisted together with someone who may be in contact with Dark Samus/ Federation members without them realizing it.

So that means that one of the two was inactive with their hit/kill.  I am willing to bet it was the Federation(Mafia) because of how long it took the Day 3 thread to be put up and if they were going to recon it would of been earlier and the  thread would have been up sooner.  So I am willing to bet that Dark Samus targeted pokepal but he was already dead from Kraid and thus not being able to gain pokepals item which was probably the Metroid.  It is either still on pokepal in the dead thread or it is in the hands of one of the remaining 16 players. Considering that there was no announcement of sudden death must mean that nor Samus or Dark Samus has it but is in the hands of the mafia or the many townies. 

With the reveal of pokepal being a townie that means that he wasn't Federation Trooper like I thought which means with the lack of a 3rd hit must mean that at the very least the Deleter(GodFather) wasn't around to send in a hit and we know that 2 players have not been around at least the first day.

 Plus the matter that the Day 3 thread took the full 12 hours to be put up means that Khushrenada had to wait for actions which were not coming. Khushrenada said that if actions were sent in early after the thread lock that he would put up the day thread earlier.  We know Rabicle and Lucario  did not post in the Day 1 thread and only posted once each in the Day 2 thread saying they were here.  Lucario and Rabicle let the thread stagnate as well as the rest of us and left the vote to the end in a scramble which resulted in a tie between Mr. Bungle and Steefosarus.    Lets try and not let that happen again.

I am going to for for Lucario for now.  Vote Lucario

If someone wants to vote with me or for Rabicle that should clear up some answers on inactivity.  You can also throw out some thoughts on other possible Bounty Hunters/ Federation members for a vote if you wish.

I propose the best idea is to create a tie between Rabicle and Lucario and have Kraid take one of them out or use their vote manipulator to break the tie before the thread is locked and then Maybe we will get lucky and Samus or the Mafia will go after the other.


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