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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 2.

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--- Quote from: Stratos on March 26, 2020, 02:09:04 PM ---Do we know that there were no attempts by Samus or the Mafia? I know some games they don't mention if an attempt happened but was prevented. Though usually Khush does mention it, so probably does mean no hits were made.

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I'm not here to play the game for the players so if people have a wrong assumption on things then it is on them to figure things out. However, I also know that a wrote a really long rules section to try and go over many things that may or may not end up being relevant in the game. And despite all that writing, when I was looking for the information relevant to this question, I couldn't see it posted there yet I swore I typed it up at some point. So, I'll make sure the info is at least posted here so that it has been made clear.

The Mafia can choose to make a hit or do a recon mission. If the Mafia does a recon mission then they can not make a hit. I am not going to mention in the announcements if the Mafia did a recon mission. Likewise, the Mafia can choose to do nothing or the Godfather could be absent. If there is no hit posted, it will be a bit of a mystery as to what is chosen though you can probably guess what it was.  ;)

However, there is also a bit more vagueness that can happen with a hit. A Samus can get an Energy Tank. If that Energy Tank is used to save that Samus from the vote or from a Mafia hit then it will expose who they are. So, then it is kind of pointless to have this item if it will just mean their death the next day anyways by revealing they were saved by an Energy Tank. But by not saying by what means a player was saved then one doesn't know if it was the doctor or Samus except by the Doctor and Samus themselves. (Or even a Mafia member Shinesparking away). Of course, if the doctor or both Samus players are eliminated then it won't matter.

It is why I didn't mention how pokepal148 survived. Just that he did. Players will have to think and guess as best as they can based on the roles and items currently known and available. You will be informed as to what items/power-ups a Samus acquires so you will have that bit of info to help in keeping track of things. Similar to the vagueness in pokepal148 surviving the vote there may be some vagueness about player survival at night. The only thing I'll say is that a person was targeted during the night but survived and leave it at that. Whether the player targeting the survivor is a Samus, Mafia leader or Vigilante will be a bit unknown but might be figured out if one of the other factions has a successful hit mentioned in the Announcement post. If there is a case like today in which there is one successful hit mentioned but no mention of another player surviving from being targeted by a faction then that is because there wasn't another player targeted and thus nothing to report.

I hope that helps make things a bit clear for everyone in understanding the Announcement news going forward.


--- Quote from: ejamer on March 26, 2020, 12:12:40 PM ---Just to get things rolling, I'll Vote Mr Bungle based on the backtracking comment in Day 1.
(Pirates don't backtrack.)

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This is the same kind of union busting talk I heard when I was in the Dasha system. But did you know that in Spiral sector the United Pirate Workers of Tallon have negotiated for backtracking privileges on the weekends and overtime pay when dealing with Metroids?


--- Quote from: ejamer on March 26, 2020, 12:12:40 PM ---Since Samus didn't try to kill pokepal148 at night, ensuring the Metroid would be moved, would she have voted for him during the day? I'm guessing not. The doctor is pretty much forced to protect pokepal148 all the time now, so better to get someone else possibly voted out to reduce the field?

Other than vote record and people dropping hints about what they are, not sure there is much to go on for early votes this time.

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I strongly disagree with this assessment. I see no reason to assume that either Samus was not voting against me, in fact I am almost certain both of them were. Consider this: Targeting thatguy, who was attempting to vote me out, while voting me out yourself essentially doubles your chance of getting the metroid, either through random chance or by getting it from thatguy who got it through random chance.

But either way, losing the X parasite makes both Samus mains far more dangerous to da Mafia LXXXV Meta so Ahm going to call upon both the federation commando and the detective to consider reachin' out to me. If we can combine and coordinate your investigative abilities we should be able to quickly locate and eliminate both Sammy and Sammy After Hours before dey become too dangerous.

Vote Steefosaurus for the green text.


--- Quote from: ShyGuy on March 26, 2020, 06:37:21 PM ---Vote Steefosaurus for the green text.

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A little ironic, coming for you and your green avatar and green text in your user name.


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