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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 1.

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Thank youse fer comin' to da official Space Pirate employee meeting. Foist oider of buiisness. Folks 'ave been complainin' dat my joisy accent is makin me hahd to undestand. Those same folks 'ave been sent to the sun via an airlock. Now dat you've been wahned, anyone else with complaints about my accent will be punished fah mo' hashly.

Now on to da main topic of tonight's Space Pirate meeting. Apparently dose jokahs at the galactic federation have been mistaking these creatures fer yours truly and have been puttin' out bountys for folks to kill dem.

I mean loohk at dat hideous thing. It looks nothing like me. I am clearly far better lookin' dan dat faker.

Back on topic, supposedly dere's a whole planet with deese creatures running around, and what moah? dere's a bunch of folks called "Monster Hunters" who go around capturing or killing creatures like dat for a livin'. I'm about to swing on ovah dere and I'm gonna put a bounty for dem to capture as many of dese creatures as possible and den we'll just load dem up on a cargo freightah and send dem to Federation HQ. Dat's suire to freak dem all out and we can all just sit back and enjoy some popcohn.

And one lahst thing befoh we leave. Stop feeding da Metroids if yer not an authorized membuh of da metroid feeding crew. Getting yer head sucked off by a Chozo Bioweapon is not covahd by yer Health Insurance and Ahm not payin' fer yer medical bills eitha so don't even think 'bout it.

Vote Mop it up, as is tradition for day one shenanigans.

Throwing out a random vote for Lucario for today. This is entirely random so I don't expect folks to follow it.

unVote Lucario   

If folks want to chat with me and pick my brain go ahead and send me a distress signal and I will be sure to send my aid if I can.  That is just what Gandrayda does to help.

That's some mighty fine space grog.

Have we decided who to lynch yet? Un-Vote Stratos because he who speaks first, first speaks.
Now I need a nap.

Mr. Bungle:
Ah, the beginning of a mafia game is always the best. Just moving forward and exploring. Not like the latter part with all that backtracking, what a slog.


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