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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 1.

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Story Post

My concept for the story this time around would be that the Space Pirates have discovered a planet R-J6TY with an unusual crystalline structure that seems to have created holes in the fabric of space and time allowing them to jump to various points of the Metroid timeline. Through one of these holes, they were able to encounter a Metroid on SR-388 before Samus's annihilation of the species there and bring it back. They were now experimenting with the Metroid and Crystal structure to see if they can manipulate it to their own ends in conquering the galaxy. (I'd like to have done this in the style of a Pirate Log or Lore post ala the Metroid Prime series. Like a Space Pirate report to High Command on the operation and how it is coming along.)

However, this Pirate report was intercepted by the Federation who ordered a team to go out and terminate the Space Pirate base and plan before it was too late. However, within the Federation Forces, a colonel was able to handpick the team of his choosing to send on the mission with orders unknown to other Federation Forces and leaders to not only take down the Pirates but also capture the Metroid and bring it back. The squad suits up with a lot of "ok"s back and forth between them.

Meanwhile, Anthony from Other M who's still in the Federation military learns about the intercepted Pirate logs and passes the info on to Samus. She races off to the planet to ensure the Metroid is kept out of the hands of both the Space Pirates and Federation.

Announcement Post

Hey all. Thanks for being patient with me in launching this game. Finally found our 16th player to get this game going. However, despite wanting to get this game launched right now, it is getting late for me and I have quite a bit of typing ahead of me. So, I'm going to try my best to get that done tomorrow morning and have this game started around 2:00 PM EST. Maybe even sooner if all goes well. At this point, I don't think another few hours will make much difference, right?  :-\

Make sure to check in tomorrow as roles will be handed out in the morning as well and the rules and abilities will be fleshed out then also. For now, I need to get my beauty sleep.  ;)

I might as well open up the Day 1 thread since the players have now been informed of their roles. The Day 1 thread will last until Wednesday March 25 10:00 PM EST or if a majority vote has been reached before then.

There are currently 18 players in the game so a majority vote of 10 would be required to end the day early.

I am double-checking my work on the rules and roles thread. One tweak I've been on the fence all day about yesterday and today is going to affect the Federation Mafia. I've run through some scenarios and have decided it can still keep things fair. That tweak you will see under the role of The Deleter aka Godfather. I'll mention there when it is posted.

Again, thank you so much for-ta playing my game.

Top O' the mornin to ya!

My name is Shamus O'ran. Hi diddly dee!

Hi Shamus O'ran.  I am Gandrayda.  I am looking for my fellow bounty hunter Sammy.  Sammy is such a nice nickname for her.  See you around Shamus!


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