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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread - Rules and Roles

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One other quick bit of clarification: Originally, I was going to let the townie players know which item/power-up was associated with them. That way, there could be no argument of favoritism or collusion if a Samus character seemed to get better items than another or swiftly progressing in the game. But then I realized that it could enable the townies to figure out who the other townies are by the specific items attached to them. Can't have that or this game is over. Therefore, none of the townies know who which power-up/item is attached to them. Since about half of them are character/role specific, I figured there's already a lot of known knowledge on the location of them to show this is all legit.

The only one I've debated about is the Metroid power-up. The Mafia and the Killers will know when they've acquired it and have to make decisions about it. Therefore, should the townie who has it know that they've got it? Likewise, if another townie later gets it via a vote-out transfer should they then be aware of it? I've debated it with myself and ultimately decided on yes. In order for the townie side to protect the Metroid they should be able to have a chance to figure out where it is and which player has it. Therefore, I've let the player who has it know this and that is the only townie to know what item/power-up is currently attached to them.


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