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Mafia 84:RE:CV Neighbor Day 9- From Goon to Husk to death. Take 2!!

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Results from Day 8
lolmonade was voted out and was the former OG Mafia Goon#1 transformed into Ashford Mafia Goon#2/1st Successor.
There was no hit since the successor was voted out.

Notes for todays game day

Same deal as yesterday with time of day length.  48 hours for Day 9. Everyone has to vote for the day to end early.

Today is Alexia Successor hit day.  They can send me an message on here or on Discord with who they want to kill tonight. 

Claire Redfield can message me on here or on Discord their action and receive the results early if you wish to do so.

Steve Burnside can message me on here or Discord who he wants to save.

Leon S Kennedy can send me an message on here or Discord the message he wants to have me post in the day thread.  He will only get one Encrypted message each game day.

Everyone has received a PM if you have a special role or if you are a normal townie. 

Players amongst the living.

Mr. Bungle
Mop it up

Only change for today is that everyone has to vote for the day to end early. Otherwise it will be a 48 hour period and whoever has the most votes will be voted out.

That is all.

Mr. Bungle:
vote Pokepal148

Let's end this vote Pokepal

Won't you please be my neighbor?

vote pokepal148


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