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Results from Day 6

Alexia Ashford was able to neighborize one more player.   Question is who did she neighborize?
stevey was voted out and stevey was Alexia Ashford.  She neighborized 3 players in her time as the head of the Ashford Mafia. She has chosen her successor.

With Alexia Ashford being voted out that means the Ashford Mafia can no longer grow in size.  However now the Ashford Mafia may now make use of the Ashford Mafia hit every even night.  Oh also there is no requirement of size to the Ashford Mafia to use the hit with Alexia's death going forward.  They are out for revenge!! 

Notes for todays game day

Same deal as yesterday with time of day length.  48 hours for Day 7 or when majority is reached and stays for one hour.  With 8 players alive majority is going to be 5 players voting for the same person.

Today is Albert Wesker hit day.  He can send me an message on here or on Discord with who he wants to kill tonight. 

Claire Redfield can message me on here or on Discord their action and receive the results early if you wish to do so.

Steve Burnside can message me on here or Discord who he wants to save.

Leon S Kennedy can send me an message on here or Discord the message he wants to have me post in the day thread.  He will only get one Encrypted message each game day.

Everyone has received a PM if you have a special role or if you are a normal townie. 

Players amongst the living.

Mr. Bungle
Mop it up

Wait... I thought killing Alexia canceled the whole neighborisation thing.

Anytime before the thread lock Alexia could have sent in the neighborize.  That is the cut off time for death via vote out. 
 Also before someone asks Albert Wesker can send in a hit early but it will take place after the threadlock. Since that is how the regular Mafia hits work.   Also if you happen to vote out Alexia's successor tomorrow the hit will be stopped.

Well that seems like an unfair advantage for the Ashford mafia.

Mop it up:
Oh wait, I think I misread and was confused. Is there just still going to be the one hit tonight from the OG Mafia? Nothing from Ashford?


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