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Mafia 84: RE: CV Neighbor Day 5- Go on get out of here.This place is finished!

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Results of Day 4

Khushrenada was voted out and he was a normal townie.

Alexia Ashford was successful in neighborizing another player.  They have become Ashford Goon #2.

Alexia attempted to use her hit on pokepal148 but pokepal was protected

The reason why Alexia was able to use a hit on the even day as well as the neighborize is because the neighborize came first and they were successful with it and it just so happened yesterday was an even day.  Now if Alexia loses one of her goons she will have to attempt to neighborize someone else and be successful. If she fails the neighborize then she wouldn't get the hit chance that night and will have to try again at a later day. 

It seems that the host can make mistakes.  Since the nighborize went through and there was only the vote out the game continue from here using my previously established rules.

Notes for todays game day

Same deal as yesterday with time of day length.  48 hours for Day 4 or when majority is reached and stays for one hour. With 10 players alive, majority is going to be 6 players voting for the same person.

Today is the Organization Mafia Hit day. Albert Wesker can PM me here on the forums or through Discord his hit. I have the same name on Discord as on here.

Claire Redfield can message me on here or on Discord their action and receive the results early if you wish to do so.

Steve Burnside can message me on here or Discord who he wants to save and he can self protect if he so wishes.

Leon S Kennedy can send me an message on here or Discord the message he wants to have me post in the day thread.  He will only get one Encrypted message each game day.

Everyone has received a PM if you have a special role or if you are a normal townie. 

Players amongst the living

Mr. Bungle
Luigi Dude
Mop it up

Oh dear... This is getting out of hand.
I'm going to Vote stevey again because it's the best lead we had.

Huh, what lead?

--- Quote from: TOPHATANT123 on January 15, 2020, 02:33:20 AM ---Welp there goes ShyGuy. Not sure where to go now, Stevey has been quiet so they would make a good candidate... Don't want to come off as mafia by jumping on another early bandwagon, but I'll Vote Stevey for now, open to changing my mind if the voting history finds a better argument.

--- End quote ---

Early morning vote tally


I have to go to the doctors in a little bit but I should be back home relatively quickly.  I will have my phone with me so if you have any questions go ahead and PM me and I will try and get back to you.

This makes no sense.


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