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Mafia 82: Resident Evil Endgame thoughts and wrapup thread.

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Thanks for the feedback Steefosaurus. 

As to the Killer and that role being active in the alive players and active roles in the game thread well I wasn't entirely sure how to go about that since players could change alignments and announcing that saying there is so and so role active now would out that newly reserrected player and pretty much confirming they had that new role.  I went with what role they started the game with.  Like that player that started with that role was still in the game but they may have switched alignment because of the G virus.  Only one player asked me about that and that was MASB.

One other thing which I think I didn't explain well was the PMs for the viruses. Like I said obtained in the initial PMs and said you had one game day to do said task to not be infected by the virus the next day. I think the latter PMs I sent it was explained a bit more elegantly. Where I said that you have this virus and it is not active for this first day but if you don't use the Daylight Serum or do the task asked of you the virus will become active the next day.

If I would of done the viruses again in a game I would of had players infected right away but if they preformed the task they would have been cured of it.  I had it be dorment the first day but they knew about it and what the task was so they could be cured of it before the next day started and that is when the virus would have become active with the protections and restrictions. I also think players having multiple viruses on them prevented players from playing to their full potential.  Like Insanolord and oohhboy I think had two viruses on them but they were not infected yet. 

I also had to make some choices with the dual roles like the commuter/Investigator and Beloved Princess/Miller role. Since that was Ashley Grahams role she was in her knight armor from the special 2 outfit in RE4 so she couldn't be killed by hits or kills but she could be voted out. Everyone no matter the role or virus for the most part could be voted out. The only exception was a one time G virus resserection. So I had to have the Mafia role blocker to be a little more powerful than usual. Otherwise townies might of run away with the game.

I do have to ask one question for Khushrenada.  You commuted the first 2 days. Had you investigated those first two days who would it of been on?


--- Quote from: ShyGuy on November 03, 2019, 01:39:49 AM ---I decided to play this game monosyllabic as I had a theory that people who barely participated lived longer. I still died.

--- End quote ---

That was my bad.

Mop it up:
It's true what they say, the best players bow out first.


--- Quote from: BeautifulShy on November 04, 2019, 11:17:11 AM ---I do have to ask one question for Khushrenada.  You commuted the first 2 days. Had you investigated those first two days who would it of been on?

--- End quote ---

I don't know. Never really entered my mind. Maybe I'd have checked out Stratos or someone else I thought might be a good choice to ally with and make sure they were on my side. Day 2, I remember becoming very curious about Lucario but with Silenced, Insanolord and Lolmonade all saying they were a regular townie, I may have checked out one of them.

In the end, until I knew the Mafia role-nullifier was out and I could find the doctor for protection, I was just going to keep protecting myself and hope for the best. The problem about having to wait through the night and for the next day to come up means that the person I investigate could be killed during the night anyways making for a potential wasted investigation or I was killed before I got the result. So, I figured I might as well go with the option that had a higher chance of success.

It meant there might not be a detective for the game but I was less worried about that since townies have won games before without the detective's assistance and I still felt confident enough about being able to figure out people's allegiances without the ability. I suppose I should have fought harder to corral townies in voting out lolmonade Day 2. Who knows how things would have turned out at that point? I'd have taken out the killer before he got me that night and my goal was to target Steefosaurus the next day unless there was a really weird result from the activity of the night. Steef was already becoming my biggest suspect and I reached out to Stratos about voting for Steef when he offered his vote in the Day 2 thread but then decided I should focus on lolmonade that day to try and save Silenced. With Lucario also giving me mafia vibes, townies might have rocked the game harder and faster. In fact, I'm still shocked the townie side won in the end. Also, can't believe it took players so long to take out lolmonade.

--- Quote from: Khushrenada on October 22, 2019, 01:31:52 PM ---You know, I'm willing to make a bet with you that all three votes against you are actually from townies right now and not a single mafia member. Guess we'll know by the end of the game but that's my take.

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Guess I lost that bet. (Thanks a lot, oohhboy!!  >:( >:( ). However, as the game went on, his vote for Silenced did become more suspicious. I started to suspect he was the killer and that's why he voted as he did. His post even came across like someone who didn't care who died so long as someone was eliminated that day much like the killer. I really started thinking lolmonade may have been the role nullifier as the game progressed. Turns out, I had the two mixed up.

--- Quote from: nickmitch on October 22, 2019, 08:19:24 PM ---I also would never trust Khush. That's Mafia 101.

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You and a lot of other players need to go back to Mafia school and revise your curriculum. It's hurting your game.  ;)  8)

I think part of the reason lolmonade wasn't voted out sooner was because he was the killer to start the game and once he didn't die after the Lucario venge attack retaliation on lolmonade it was prettymuch confirmed that he was either a normal mafia goon or a normal townie so he didn't have enough power. He could of became a 3rd party player again but with a new role as well but that didn't happen with anyone.   The townies and 3rd parties needed to take out Nickmitch or oohhboy since that one/two punch was going to dominate and get out all the power roles in the game. roleblock/ strongman hit and Mafia hit. So it was kinda a scorched earth policy the 3rd parties had to employ to stay in the game.  It worked for them in the end. 

 Steefosaurus started as the Townie doc/ Neoplolitan but had the G virus and switched alignments to 3rd party and MASB had lots of info with their roles and that was kind of important in the end game to look at the results of their searches and that is what caused the win for them I feel.


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